18 Benefits of Carnation Flower & Uses

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Benefits Of Carnation

Dianthus caryophyllus, popularly known as the carnation flower, is a fascinating flower that comes in an array of many colors.

The carnation has a long history- dating back to the early Egyptian days where it was used for beauty and health purposes.

Just like most herbs and flowers, the carnation is also rich in medicinal and nutritional properties.

The use of carnation as a decoration flower may date back to a long time in history, but the use of carnation for medicinal purposes has lasted even for longer.

Carnations History and Myths

The history of carnations dates back to about 2000 years ago. There are plenty of myths about the uses of carnations ranging from health and beauty to spiritual.

Carnation is one of the world’s oldest cultivated flower. Its scientific name “dianthus” can be translated to mean flower of love.

This shows that the flower was a symbol of love long before its naming.

The name carnation is believed to have originated from the Roman empire.

Although the exact story behind it is not known, It is believed that it refers to one of the ceremonies in which the Roman officials used the flower.

In the Victorian age, the carnation was used as a love symbol. The color of carnation was used to send a message to an admirer.

A solid color was used to indicate “yes,” stripped color symbolized “I cant be with you,” and yellow color was used to indicate “no.”

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Medicinal History Of Carnations

In history, there are plenty of beliefs about the healing powers of carnations.

While some of them merely remain myths, the use of carnations in the modern world has proved the medical powers of carnations.

The flower is used in tea and topical applications throughout the history.

Some of their healing properties were believed to be the treatment of insomnia, depression, and pain. The ancient Indians used carnation as a diuretic for treating chest congestion and asthma.

Today, carnations are used as love gifts. In China, carnations are used as wedding flowers while in Japan they are used to appreciate mother’s love.

The Japanese are known for giving out red carnations to mothers on Mother’s Day.

Carnations are also used as symbols of Mother’s Day in America, Australia and some parts of Europe.

Although, in these parts, the purple carnations are preferred.

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Carnation Flower Uses 

Besides the myths and traditional believes, carnations hold some scientifically proven health benefits.

According to a study done by the University Of Indian Medicinal Plants published in 1986, carnations are alexiteric, antispasmodic, cardiotonic, diaphoretic and nervine.

This means that carnation can be used for various internal purposes.

These include guarding against poisoning, ease muscle spasms, help in the production of sweat, improve heart performance, and calm the nervous system.

There are plenty of other medical research data that support these uses of carnation.

While the researchers do not specify the dosage or form of consumption, the findings are based on the carnation extract, and further medical studies are still being conducted.

There are plenty of external uses of carnations in the modern world.

Carnations are already being used in most of the commercial products such as soaps, lotions, and perfumes.

There are also recipes for homemade carnation cleaners.

Carnations are used to deal with some external conditions such as eczema and skin rashes.

This is because of their anti-inflammation properties.

While more research is still needed in this area, many people are already using carnations and taping into the benefits they offer.

Psychological/Emotional Uses

Carnations are known for their therapeutic purposes across the globe.

In the European herbal traditions, carnations have been prescribed for coronary and nervous disorders.

As we have already seen, one of the critical components of carnation flowers is nervine properties.

This means that the flower has elements that can be used in calming the nerves.

The carnations are used today in body massage oils because of their nerve calming abilities.

There are many other myths on the use of the flower for psychological purposes. However, there is little scientific backing.


How To Use Carnation

The carnation has plenty of benefits, but most people are not sure where to buy them or how to use them.

Carnations can be bought at any grocery store or fresh flower store.

You can also buy them directly from flower farms or you can pick them from your flower garden.

The best way to obtaining a constant supply of fresh carnations is including them in your flower garden.

Although, they may not survive in places that are cold throughout the year.

If you experience some sunshine in your area, you can plant them within your flower gardens and water them regularly in cases where there is no rain.

When you are buying carnations, look for vibrant and fresh carnations that have no signs of weathering.

However, if you are looking to consume carnations, the primary way of consuming is through brewing carnation tea.

The carnation tea is usually made with dried carnation flower powder.

You can buy carnation powder directly from a food store or supermarket.

You can also make your carnation powder by merely drying the flowers and grinding them using motor and pestle.

To make carnation flower tea, just use a teaspoon of carnation powder in a cup of hot water.

In cases where you are using home ground powder, give it some 5 minutes steep.

The tea can be taken at any time of the day.

The other way of using carnation is by applying the carnation essential oil.

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Carnation Essential Oil

Carnation essential oil is a pure oil extract of the carnation flower. Just like most essential oils, it holds plenty of health benefits.

The carnation essential oil holds all the health benefits.

The use of essential oils has become popular across the globe in the recent past.

In fact, for centuries people have been using essential oils for different purposes.

The essential oils are usually derived from plants and flowers that hold vital health benefits.

Carnation is one of the flowers with such health benefits and hence the availability of carnation essential oil.

The Egyptians are also regarded as one of the first cultures to use herbal extracts.

The essential oils were used in Egypt for their medicinal purposes and were regarded highly.

The use of essential oils has also been recorded in Asian history- especially China and India.

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India is popularly known for its Ayurvedic health

Some Indian literature records the use of oils from various herbs including ginger, cinnamon, sandalwood among others.

In the same way, the use of Essential oils in China is recognized in medical techniques.

The use of essential oils in China dates back to 2700BC with some medical texts referencing the usage of approximately 365 plants.

The Romans used essential oils for beauty and health purpose too.

They derived most of their knowledge from the Egyptians.

In Western Europe, the use of essential oils for beauty was common.

It is believed that Knights passed on their knowledge learned from the Middle East in preparation and usage of essential oils.

Today, essential oils are used in many ways. Some of the common uses are aromatherapy, cosmetic uses, and medicinal uses.

They are usually added to cosmetics while in some cases they are applied directly.

Carnation essential oil is used for therapeutic and health purposes in different ways.

You can also buy enriched carnation cosmetics. The use of carnation rich cosmetics such as lotions and soaps is the easiest way of getting the cosmetic benefits of the carnation.

When you use such cosmetics, you will not have to worry about dosage or include other procedures in your healthy lifestyle.

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Carnation Essential Breakfast 

To obtain the health benefits of carnations breakfast, you do not need sophisticated tools.

All you need is to let the flowers dry and grind them. Use ground flowers in making tea or even adding to some foods.

You can also use carnation essential oil in the prescribed amounts.

The main benefits of carnation include:

Relieving Stress

We all get stressed at one point or another.

What most of us do not know is that there are natural remedies around us that can help us deal with the stress efficiently.

Carnations have been used in tea for many years to relieve stress.

The presence nervine components in carnation flowers allow you to cool your nerves when stressed and hence to relax your body.

This can also help in treating fatigue.

In Europe, the folk medicine relied upon infusion of carnation in tea to help relieve nervousness.

They were also used to alleviate some coronary disorders

Today, massage oils are rich in carnation flower components to promote the healing of skin and increase vitality.

In ancient China, the carnation oil was used to help in relaxing the body and the spirit.

When you feel stressed, brew a cup of carnation tea and take it to release some anxiety.

You can also apply a drop of carnation oil on your palms and rub it on your forehead.

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Carnations contain anti-inflammation properties which help in soothing swellings and help in reduction of pain.

The flower is also helpful in restoring hormonal balance. According to WorldWide Health, carnations can be used to reduce muscle tension and alleviate menstrual cramps.

Carnations are usually used to treat endometriosis.

Endometriosis is a condition in which excessive growth of the endometrium tissues ( Which should grow in the uterus) may profile into the other pelvic organs such as the ovaries.

The leading cause of the overgrowth is usually hormonal imbalances in women which is characterized by stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

The use of carnation tea to treat nervousness, fear, and anxiety plays a crucial role in reducing the risk of endometriosis in women

Skin Care

The anti-inflammation properties of the carnation flower are essential in treating skin rashes.

The carnation oil is used as a treatment for most skin conditions and can be used as a conditioner.

Most women use carnation to minimize facial wrinkles, puffiness of the eyes, and removal of acne.

The flower is also used in various cosmetic products.

You can add a drop of carnation essential oil to your regular face treatment, or you can buy carnation rich cosmetics.


As already stated, the carnation flower holds alexiteric properties.

This means that the flower contains components that can fight against food poisoning and other stomach congestion issues.

The flower was used in ancient ages to solve stomach related problems.

It is also useful in enhancing liver and heart health. In India, the flower was used in cordials and beverages to fight against germs and pestilence.

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Homeopathic Remedies

Carnations are known to hold diuretic properties.

They have been used before as a homeopathic remedy.

The ancient Indians used carnations to treat chest congestion.

In modern day, the carnations have been found to hold diaphoretic properties which make them a reliable remedy for chest problems.

They are used to manage coughs, flu and even asthma symptoms.

When you get the flu or have breathing problems, just prepare a cup of carnation tea.

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Those who suffer from depression can also find some mood uplift from using carnation tea.

However, it is important to note that carnation tea is only useful in containing mild depression.

It should not be taken as a replacement for depression pills unless prescribed by a doctor.


Because of the nervine properties of carnation, it is used in controlling anxiety.

Prepare a cup of carnation tea when you start feeling anxious.


As already stated, carnations are useful in balancing body hormones.

If you are one of those people who is completely thrown off balance right before their periods, try using carnation tea.

The tea will help restore your hormonal balance hence alleviating the menstrual cramps and mood swings.

You can also apply some carnation oil on your belly.


Endometriosis can be dealt with by merely taking a cup carnation tea every morning.

Endometriosis is usually characterized by the growth of endometrial tissue into the other pelvic parts of the woman reproductive system out of the uterus.

The main reason for this condition is hormonal imbalances.

The use of carnation tea, especially during periods, will help reduce the formation of endometriosis.

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The use of carnation tea can also control diarrhea and abdominal cramping.

The flower holds chemical components which are vital in reducing stomach acids and can be used to reduce stomach gas as well.

The use of carnation can help keep away stomach congestion and stomach gas too.

Take a cup of carnation tea at all times you feel stomach discomfort.


Eczema is mainly an inflammatory problem.

Carnations hold anti-inflammatory properties that are key in controlling eczema and other skin related conditions such as rashes and acne.

Simply use carnation essential oil as a treatment when you go to bed.

A single drop of the oil is enough. You can also use carnation flower-rich soap and other cosmetic products.

Skin Aging

Skin aging signs include wrinkles and puffiness of the eyes.

Carnation anti-inflammatory properties are the key to reducing these signs.

This explains why most of the cosmetic products made today contain carnation components.

The carnation oil is also an excellent hydrating compound.

Add 2 to three drops to your regular moisturizer so that you can be using it on a daily basis.

It helps fight against sun damage as well as free radicals.

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Safety Precautions

The use of carnation flower is safe for both internal and external purposes.

All essential oils have some side effects.

The same applies to carnation.

Here are some of the precautions you should keep in mind when using either cation tea or carnation oil.

When using carnation oil, ensure that it is diluted according to the recommendations.

Most carnation oil packages give directions of use. If you are going to use carnation essential oil for internal purposes, you must get a prescription from the doctor.

When using the oil for massage, it is recommended to be mixed with a carrier oil.

The carrier oil can include oils from the almond tree, avocado, grape, etc.

Secondly, the use of carnation tea and oil should be avoided by pregnant women.

If you are pregnant, stop taking carnation tea unless your doctor says it is okay.

If you were taking the tea before you became pregnant, inform your doctor.

Using carnation essential oils on the skin for pregnant women should also be avoided.

Your skin may react with the oil. If you want to continue using it on your skin, you must obtain permission from your doctor.

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Carnation oil should be kept away from children. Consumption of carnation orally can be fatal.

Children are likely to drink it or apply it on their skins in large quantities.

If you are going to treat children with carnation oil aromatherapy, reduce the amount of oil used.

Similarly, children should only take carnation tea in small quantities.

Carnation tea and oil can react with medication.

If you are on medication of any kind, do not take carnation supplements.

If you were already using carnation tea or oil before you started using the medicine, ask your doctor if it is safe to use them together.

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Herbs and flowers hold health and nutritional benefits that cannot be found in modern medicine.

They provide natural remedies that can help us improve our lifestyle and overall health.

Carnation flower is one of the naturally occurring flowers rich in health and therapeutic ingredients.

The history of carnation dates back to about 2000 years ago.

It was used in ancient Rome, Egypt, and India for various medicinal purposes.

The carnation can be used to make carnation tea which holds all the health benefits of the carnation flower.

The carnation essential oil can also be used to tap the benefits of carnation.

The use of carnation oil should be done carefully since it may cause side effects.

Those who are pregnant or on medication should stay away from carnation products unless a doctor recommends them

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