21 Eye Opening Emu Oil Benefits Worth Knowing About

emu oil benefits

So what makes Emu oil benefits so great?

When it comes to emu oil, over 70% of the fatty acids in the oil are unsaturated omega 3, 6, and 9. Since good fatty acids should be in our diets it’s not a surprise that emu oil has many benefits.

Some of those benefits can range from all types of skin applications such as eczema, cuts, burns, dry skin, sunburn, and irritation.

The emu oil works in order to mimic the top layer of your skin since it is 100% triglyceride lipid, almost similar to that found in our skin.

Aborigines in Australia first noticed the wonderful benefits of emu oil when they applied the oil to their skin.

What they found was that the emu oil not only hydrated and nourished their skin, but it also helped relief muscle aches, joint pains, and has become an effective treatment for bruises and cuts.

Emu oil has been used medically for muscle and joint problems as well as a number of different skin conditions. Even medical uses for psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis have been found to be useful.

The reason emu oil for skin is important is because emu oil has a powerful transdermal agent that can penetrate deep into the skin not only the top layer.

For this reason, many of the skin problems mentioned above are treated and cured. The emu oil benefits for skin is massive, and should honestly be more available.

Emu oil is also anti-inflammatory and can relief a lot of muscle aches and pains throughout the body. Majority of problems within the human body can be formed through inflammation.

emu oil benefits

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Since emu oil has strong anti-inflammatory compounds it helps alleviate many issues and complications that are still being researched today.

Research conducted in both the United States and Australia have found that emu oil is anti-inflammatory, helping reduce inflammation in many areas of the body.

Researches also found that emu oil contains high levels of linoleic acid, which is the substance known to ease joint pain.

Emu oil also has oleic acid, which is the substance that has anti-inflammatory effects on the dermal layer of the skin. The emu oil doesn’t stop there as it penetrates even deeper into the skin not only affecting the top layer.

Emu oil benefits can extend itself far and wide depending on the issue and circumstances.

The process of healing depended on the condition is also noted since emu oil is both topically applied as well as internally consumed. For this reason emu oil has many benefits.

For this the health benefits of emu oil can aid the body at all levels. Below you will find a list of Emu oil uses and cures.

Benefits of Emu Oil

Emu oil’s major power lies in its high levels of a compound known as Eicosanoids. Eicosanoids are a hormone like compound that that exhibits many healing mechanisms.

What this does is it allows the emu oil to act as a hormone trigger that triggers our bodies to increase natural blood flow to where the emu oil is applied.

These compounds including its strong anti-inflammatory compounds encourages the individual cells to soften their outsells, allowing nutrients in while flushing toxins out.

These two forms of powerful combinations allow amazing skin treatment as well as a formidable force in other inflammatory problems.

Emu Oil is Anti-inflammatory

Emu oil was evaluated in current clinical settings and shown significant anti-inflammatory improvements in tested subjects from burn victims to dogs.

Studies showed after 24 weeks of research that emu oil was without doubt a strong compound of anti-inflammatory compounds.

Further research showed skin improvements in burn victims as fast as 2 days.

Emu oil helped hydrate and moisturize burnt skin unbelievably well, helping to super-oxygenate the skin increasing thickness and skin production.

Emu oils anti-inflammatory compounds don’t stop only on skin and topical applications.

Rather it showed significant improvement when taken internally. Emu oil has shown to be an effective treatment plan for many people who suffer from chronic pain throughout the body.

Emu oil also provides strong antioxidant properties that promote healing on many levels.

Emu oil also contains vitamin E, which gives it its natural antioxidant compounds, as well as vitamin A, which is a natural skin healer.

Emu oil also provides Linoleic acid that helps to ease muscle aches as well as joint pains.

Emu oil also contains oleic acid that is a proven skin regenerator as well as an effective anti-wrinkle agent.

Emu oil also contains sapogens, which is a proven skin softener, as well terpines known as a powerful antiseptic.

Emu Oil for Arthritis

The strong anti-inflammatory compounds of emu oil make it great for relieving stiff muscles and joints.

The emu oil has shown to help with inflammation and swelling without any harmful side effects.

Studies have shown patients who suffered from arthritis took emu oil topically and orally 3 times a day, and showed significant improvement in swelling and pain.

emu oil benefits

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Emu Oil for Cuts and Wounds

As stated within this article, the aboriginals were the first people to use emu oil. One of there first uses was for emu oil was for cuts and wounds.

The many minerals and healthy fats within emu oil combined with its anti-inflammatory compounds showed to heal wounds and cuts much faster then other treatments. Emu oil acts to provide moisture and macro-nutrients to the skin even the deepest part of the skin.

Majority of topical skin applications that mimic what emu oil does fall short in actually providing pain relief. Majority of these skin applications rely on psychosomatic effect in order to fool the user that the pain is going away.

These skin applications have a “icy” and “hot” feel to it but fail to actually provide relief. The Icy feel is known to be menthol that only mimics the actual affect of relief. The “hot” feel it mimics is actually known as “capsaicin” a chilly pepper concentrate.

Thus it only distracts your mind making you think you found relief but only to have the pain return when the effects wares off.

Emu oil is a proven transdermal agent that has high anti-inflammatory compounds that will actually relief pain and soreness. Emu oil acts to penetrate deep in the skin 2-3 inches. Providing real credible relief to not only cuts and wounds, but to bruises and joint pain.

Emu Oil for Burns

When it comes to burns emu oil has a strong history of useful benefits. Research has shown emu oil to have strong anti-inflammation compounds that make it great for all levels of burns including sunburn.

When applied to the skin, emu oil benefits not only the top dermal layer but also works deep within the tissue.

Since emu oil contains a rich source of unsaturated healthy fats, the fats let the skin retain nutrients and healthy fats to build on. Emu oil for sunburn should always be considered when going through any type of burns.

Emu Oil for Hair, Skin, and Nails

When of the best uses and applications is for emu oil for hair. Emu oil acts to fortify the many agents and oils of the hair. Emu oil for hair penetrates deep inside the scalp and gets to the deep end roots of the hair.

The many healthy fats and anti-inflammation compounds nourish the scalp as well as add shine to the body of the hair. Research has also shown emu oil for hair to be effective in stimulating dormant hair follicles, which helps to stimulate new hair growth.

Emu oil for skin is even more advantages as it works to treat a multitude of different complications such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, shingles, lupus, as well as fungal conditions.

The high levels of Eicosanoids and anti-inflammatory compounds coupled with the deep penetrating effects of emu oil make it a great treatment for many issues and compilations.

Emu Oil for Psoriasis & Eczema

Emu oil for eczema as well as emu oil for psoriasis have gained many searches throughout the years, and is not a surprise when studied.

Emu oil acts to penetrate the skin like a therapeutic balm helping with many complications.

The anti-inflammation compounds coupled with the wide range of healthy fats helps reduce itchiness, redness, cracking, peeling, and scaling associated with these skin problems.

Many researchers have conducted test specifically for emu oil for skin, and has showed significant and ample evidence of contribution.

Emu Oil for Massage

Emu oil for benefits extend itself into chronic pain. When it comes to injuries such as ligament injuries, muscle strains, and sprains, emu oil has been used to help alleviate the pain.

Research conducted on many athletes especially in rugby leagues in Australia has shown emu oil to be an effective treatment for chronic pain and injuries. Sine the studies many professional teams have incorporated emu oil in there training rooms.

emu oil benefits

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Emu Oil Anti-Aging

The many benefits of emu oil especially for the skin are well known. What makes emu oil even better for the skin is how it conditions the texture of the skin as well as provide nutrients.

Emu oil has amazing moisturizing properties and has shown in studies to reduce age spots and wrinkles significantly.

Studies have also shown that when emu oil was used on dry aging skin, it increased skin thickness and retention by up to 3 times.

Emu oil helps to reduce age spots, reduce wrinkles, reduce acne inflammation, reduces stretch marks, as well as promotes healthy nails.

Emu oil for skin is an adequate way of taking advantage and reducing fine lines and age spots.

If you or anyone you know can benefit from emu oils great skin treatment, forward this article and help those you love.

Internal use of Emu Oil

Emu oil has many benefits for the skin but it doesn’t stop only externally but has many benefits internally. Emu oil is considered to be one of the best forms of obtaining Omega 3, 6, and 9.

Emu oil has shown to improve blood pressure levels, high triglycerides levels, as well as treat chronic pain conditions. Emu oil has also shown to contribute to controlling of diabetes and works as well to help in weight loss.

A good source of adequate unsaturated fats makes Emu oil great for incorporating healthy fats to your diet. These essential fatty acids have been proven to stimulate the body’s metabolism and its ability to burn stored saturated fats.

The omega 9 in emu oil also has strong anti-inflammatory compounds that naturally increase satiate levels, which give you the feeling of being full.

The anti-inflammatory effects of emu oil are very strong especially noticeable for chronic pain and inflammation of joints.

Emu oil also comes in pill forms, which can be a great form to take for those who may not like the taste.

When it comes to emu oil pills its recommended to use 3-4 gel caps throughout the day, while monitoring the relief of chronic pains within the weeks that follow.

Is Emu Oil Safe?

Majority of great emu oils on the market must comply with the AEA program, which is the American Emu Association.

The AEA is a certificate program that allows third party verification of composition, purity, and stability. For batch approval the AEA analysis must follow specific pre-established guidelines and stringent specifications for water, and free fatty acids.

This certification program ensures that emu oil is 100% pure which grants a level of safety to the consumer. This level of certification allows for longer shelf life as well as protection from bacteria, hormones, pesticides, toxic metals, viruses, as well as infections.

Overall in terms of actual use of emu oil, there are no reported side effects of safety problems. Current standards indicate emu oil to be safe to consume.

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