7 Potent MCT Oil Benefits You Should Know About

mct oil benefits

What are medium chain triglycerides?

Medium-chain triglycerides (also known as MCT oil) have numerous health benefits ranging from improved cognitive function to weight loss.

Conventional thinking will have you believe fat is not a good thing however, it’s becoming more clear how effective and great healthy fats can be.

The funny thing about fat is that our brain actually loves it! In fact, it uses it as energy, hence the cognitive function benefits.

From marathon runners to Ironman athletes, fats are becomings a mandatory aspect of elite athletes diets.

What is MCT oil?

Before we break down the health benefits MCT oil has for you, it’s best to first understand what makes it great.

For this, I went on a long journey reading through numerous research papers in order to provide the best information for you.

High-quality MCT oil can be found in certain high-quality coconut oils. Basically, MCT oil is a concentrated form of coconut oil. Although coconut oil is great on its own, MCT is the (MVP) of coconut oil.

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MCT gets those abbreviations because of the length of its chemical structure. Medium-chain triglycerides are a form of saturated fatty acids that are great for the health. Unsaturated fatty acids that we get from our conventional diets are what give us the compilations we have.

Fats are categorized by how many carbons they have. Short-chain fats have about 6 carbons; while medium chain fats have between 6-12 carbons, and long-chain fats like omega-3s (EPA and DHA) have between 13-21 carbons. Which is why MCT oil is an essential healthy fat.

Research has shown that medium-chain fatty acids can be healthier and more effective than long chain fatty acids, which were believed to be better.

MCT oil

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How do you get liquid coconut?

You get liquid coconut through the coconut oil being a saturated fatty acid, and comprising about 50% of coconut oil, once it is removed you are left with a liquid oil with a much lower melting point. It should be noted that it is a highly refined product and that it is missing coconut oil’s star component: lauric acid which gives so much benefit. 

What is MCT powder? 

MCT powder is the condensed powder form of MCT oil benefits. Although MCT powder is great for bulletproof coffee and such, it tends not to carry as many nutritional benefits that normal MCT oil would.

What ultimately makes MCT oil great is that it is uniquely metabolized as well as easily digested. For this reason, it plays a vital role in not only weight loss but also health issues and complications that we will further breakdown in this article.

mct oil benefits

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What makes MCT oil unique?

Rather than being digested normally MCT oil is sent straight to the liver like carbohydrates, providing essential nutrients and energy.

This is a vital reason researchers believe in its ability to help manage weight loss and add energy. Unlike unsaturated fats, which burn slow and get stored, MCT oil goes straight to the liver providing sustained energy.

As of today, many saturated fats are missing from your diets, as many people are lead to believe all saturated fats are bad when that’s not the case.

From research on nutrition, we know that fats such as coconut oil should be consumed on daily bases. Healthy unsaturated fats and the like of MCT oil digest much easier.

MCT oil and healthy unsaturated fats are good in many ways such as supporting gut health, combating bacteria, and reducing the risk of low-fat diets. MCT oils also provide combat against viruses, fungi, and parasite.

Early research has also shown MCT oil to be an effective natural remedy for pathogenic viruses since it’s adept in antibiotic forms. Viral pathogenic viruses, as well as bacteria and fungi, have shown to be inhibited or cured by medium chain fatty acids.

The inflammatory benefits of MCT oil and coconut, in general, is linked to the strong anti-inflammatory properties MCT oil possess.

A strong byproduct of this is lauric acid, which has been proven through research to be effective in treating many complications and issues.

Aside from Coconut oil MCT oil can also be found in smaller quantities in foods like grass-fed butter, palm oil, cheese, whole milk and full-fat yogurt.

If you’re looking for higher dosages of MCT, then it’s better to get MCT oil as it possesses the highest levels.

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MCT oil vs. Coconut oil 

From the numerous coconut oil uses and treatments known, coconut oil also packs lauric acid, antibacterial properties, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Although coconut oil contains the highest levels of MCT oil the main difference between the two is that MCT oil is more concentrated and is entirely made of MCT oil.

The reason for the separation is that coconut oil has only one form of MCT oil, Which is lauric acid.

In the case of MCT oil, there are four different types of MCT oil, and full quality MCT oil provides all four different types while coconut oil only provides one.

One of the best oil compounds from the four is as mentioned lauric acid, which yields scientifically proven powerful antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties.

mct oil benefits

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Is MCT oil the same as Coconut oil? 

Lauric acid contains 12-carbon atom chain and is considered a medium chain fatty acid. It comprises 50% of the fat content found in coconut oil.

Our digestive tract plays a key role in the benefit of lauric acid. Our human digestive tract breaks lauric acid down into monolaurin, which defends us against viruses, pathogens, bacteria, fungi, and parasites.

Lauric acid is deemed one of the healthiest fats on the planet yet it is for the most part hard to find.

Although hard to find lauric acid has a high demand in the health and skin care industry. That’s due to the fact that lauric acid plays a great skin-conditioning product when isolated, as well as a stable emollient in creams, lotions, lipsticks, and ointments.

Lauric acid plays a vital role in many healthcare applications but it’s most potent and useful for us when we use it to gain optimal health. Lauric acid has long been used to address skin, hair, and nail issues.

Another great oil compound MCT oil possess is called Caproic acid (C6:0).

Caproic acid adds to lauric acid by being an effective skin conditioning treatment while maintaining strong fatty acid chains.

It plays a vital role in restoring nutrients and healthy acid to the skin. Our skins can have many issues throughout our lives, for this Caproic acid and lauric acid has long been used to treat skin conditions such as ringworms and athletes foot.

Caproic acid is a fatty acid naturally found in various animal fats and oils.

There both short-chained fatty acids, which give it the added advantage of digesting quickly through the skin or inside the digestive tract.

Benefits of MCT oil

The benefits of MCT oil offer a wide range of uses and applications. It’s up to you to get creative in how you can effectively use MCT within your diet.

The added advantage as always falls into the benefits of an all natural product.

Within an age of fake, its up to use to shed light on the truth.

mct oil benefits

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MCT Oil Burns Quickly

One of the first benefits we found on MCT oil is how quickly it allows the body to burn it as energy and not store it as fat. This can be great for those who are athletes who burn more calories and consume more food.

If you become fat adaptive MCT oil plays a vital role in an energy supply. You can also track and break down exactly when and where you need the burn.

MCT Oil is an Energy Source

MCT oil can also serve as an energy source when doing hard workouts and is great for ultramarathon competitors.

When compared with slow digesting carbohydrates, it outranked the carbs in performance, function, and energy output.

MCT oil was able to produce more energy and a higher-level cognitive output without the crash and burn.

The benefits here also are 10x when you have a fat adaptive diet such as the keto-diet. 

MCT Oil Anti-inflammatory

Another added property of MCTs oil is the strong anti-inflammatory compounds it wields. For that reason scientist found MCTs oil to be effective in fighting heart disease, cognitive failures, and obesity.

This anti-inflammatory is also effective for muscle soreness and light pain management. Massages with MCT oil is also effective.

MCT Oil Weight Loss

Compared to other types of fats like omega3-6-9 and avocado fats MCT oil has shown the more significant impact on weight loss and body composition.

One of the elements MCT oil controls weight loss is its effective increase of satiety while increasing metabolism.

Experimental studies conducted by researchers found that MCT suppresses fat deposition through fat oxidation and enhanced thermogenesis. This research was conducted on both animals and humans.

Researchers found that the production of ketones through MCT oil was the main benefit of allowing the body to burn more energy while increasing metabolism.

MCT Oil and Heart Health

When researching how to give your heart the best advantage more research will find evidence of multiple factors playing into a healthy heart.

Abdominal obesity as well as hypertension, and dyslipidemia are all factors that play into a sick heart. Research has found that MCT oil can help PREVENT the development of these metabolic syndromes.

What also added to the impact MCT oil has on heart health are its anti-inflammatory compounds. All in all MCT oil plays vital in many roles to not only be effective in treatment but more importantly in prevention.

what is mct oil

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MCTs Oil Improves Digestion

MCT oil is very effective in treating a lot of gut health issues. This is by far due to the antifungal, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties. MCT oil positively improves the balance of the gut primarily macrobiotic.

This effective in turn positively affects the digestive tract, as well as better absorption of vital nutrients of the food you consume.

Complications such as diarrhea, constipation, food poisoning, or just pathogenic viruses can be effectively treated with medium chain fatty acids.

Since it burns easily throughout the stomach it sends nutrients fast to the kidneys and liver.

One of the best advantages of MCT oil for your stomach is that it greatly reduces bad bacteria without causing damage to any good bacteria in your gut.

MCT Oil packs Antiviral, Antibacterial and Anti Fungal properties

In today’s world of every continuing antibiotic-resistant germs and diseases, having a natural method of dealing with these problems is a benefit.

With MCT oil we have a method that packs properties that address all those complications.

The first property MCT oil provides, in this case, is strong antiviral compounds. These antiviral properties are great for treating a wide variety of viral infections.

The second property that MCT oil provides is its antibacterial compounds. These antibacterial compounds are great for preventing and inhibiting bacteria infection and growth of bacteria.

The third property MCT oil has in its arsenal is strong antifungal compounds. These compounds are great for complications such as ringworms, athlete’s foot, mycoses, candidiasis, and others.

It’s important to have a natural method in combating these issues and MCT oil provides that indeed. These medium chain fatty acids are even great for more complications such as strep throat, pneumonia, and sinus infections. 

MCT oil is also great for urinary tract infections as well as and food poisoning. MCT oil also provides relief from pelvic inflammatory diseases, gonorrhea, and meningitis.

Some strains of sexually transmitted diseases are affected by medium chain fatty acids such as MCT oil. What’s more interesting is that through research we found that over half-dozen pathogenic viruses have been inactivated are partially inactivated with MCT oil.

MCT oil Can Withstand High Heat

What makes MCTs oil great for high heat and normal cooking is that it has what is known as a “smoke point,” which references its ability to withstand high heat. This is due to the fact that MCT oil does not oxidize quickly.

Why is cooking heat important?

Good fats that are in cooking oils such as extra virgin olive oil and flaxseed oil burn off or become rancid due to the high heat of cooking. For that reason, oil such as MCT oil and coconut oil are a great source of good fats that you can cook with, without losing any of the benefits.

How to use MCT oil

For a majority of people using MCT oil is a simple as taking a spoonful a day every day. It has no smell or taste, and this way is the fastest intake.

Bulletproof MCT oil can also be used for coffee, but it can also be used in a wide variety of applications. From smoothies to making eggs, a tablespoon full of MCT oil can go a long way.

MCT oil can also and should also be used for the skin and hair. It can be used to help whiten teeth, moisturizer, lip balm, sunscreen, shaving cream, conditioner, essential oil blends, and facial masks.

mct oil benefits

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Side effects of MCT oil

When it comes to the side effects of MCT oil the most common side effects are due to the first uses of the supplement. This is due to the fact that our bodies tend to take a few days to fully adapt to any supplement we take.

You should not worry if this is your problem, as the body usually creates new enzymes to help process the increased intake of medium chain triglyceride.

Side effects of MCT oil are most common when a person first starts supplementing. This is generally due to the fact that the body hasn’t fully adapted to the newly incorporated MCT oil. As the body adapts, it is thought that new enzymes are generated to help process the increased medium-chain triglyceride intake.

If you experience any unpleasant side effects from MCT oil there might be a few reasons for that. The first reason to suspect is your DOSAGE LEVEL.

Dosage level can play a role in any unpleasant side effects. Most companies that sell MCT oil recommend taking between 1 to 3 tablespoons a day. For some of us who go full throttle and start with 3 tablespoons might experience side effects such as diarrhea, upset stomach, and intestinal gas.

If this is a problem for you, it’s best to start off slow and work MCT oil into your normal routine.

Another reason that can also stem from dosage is the DURATION of supplementation. The duration in which you started using MCT oil can be the cause to any side effects. To reduce any complications from this its best to start slow just like the dosage and slowly introduce the MCT oil into your system.

After a few weeks of use, the body should be adapted to the new set of fatty acids and should be better equipped to process them.

Another reason for side effects can be if you’re taking MCT oil on an empty stomach or with food. Taking MCT oil especially for first-time users on an empty stomach can cause unwanted problems such as diarrhea, gastrointestinal issues, and stomach pain.

Most medical guidelines suggest using MCT oil with food – especially cooking with it, to easier introduce it to your system.

Another reason for side effects can be the TYPE of MCT Oil. All MCT oil is not created equal and should be considered when purchasing MCT oil. There are several types of MCT oil such as C6, C8, C10, and C12. The purity of MCT oil can also be a problem as they all might not be processed the same.

Certain MCT oils on the market might contain chemicals, solvents, or unwanted byproducts during the processing. Additionally, some manufacturer ship MCT oil in plastic containers with BPA. Finding a good source without BPA can be effective in combating side effects.


In conclusion, MCT oil can be great for many uses and cures. When it comes to weight loss specifically excess calories from any food can be stored as fat, but MCT oil converts and stores more easily.

Conventional dietary fats also are known as LCTS have the same structure as body fat, which is why fats from conventional diets are highly prone to be stored as fats. What makes MCT oil effective is that it is easily digested not stored and is immediately processed by the liver producing energy.

For this and many reasons, it is believed that MCT oil is not stored as a fat rather helps with this process in of itself. MCT oil can be an effective way of introducing fats in the diet without contributing to stored body fat.

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