7 Potent MCT Oil Benefits You Should Know About

mct oil benefits

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What is medium chain triglycerides?

Medium-chain triglycerides (also known as MCT oil) have numerous health benefits ranging from improved cognitive function to weight loss.

What is MCT oil?

Before we break down the health benefits MCT oil has for you, its best to first understand what makes it great.

For this I went on a long journey reading through numerous research papers in order to provide the best information for you.

High quality MCT oil can be found in Organic Coconut oil or high quality coconut oils. Basically MCT oil is a concentrated form of coconut oil. Although coconut oil is great on its own, MCT is the (MVP) of coconut oil.

MCT gets those abbreviations because of the length of its chemical structure. Medium-chain triglycerides are a from of saturated fatty acids that are great for the health. Unsaturated fatty acids that we get from our conventional diets are what give us the compilations we have.

Fats are categorized by how many carbons they have. Short chain fats have about 6 carbons; while medium chain fats have between 6-12 carbons, and long chain fats like omega-3s (EPA and DHA) have between 13-21 carbons. Which is why MCT oil is an essential healthy fat.

Research has shown that medium chain fatty acids can be healthier and more effective then long chain fatty acids, which were believed to be better.

How do you get liquid coconut?

You get liquid coconut through the coconut oil being a saturated fatty acid, and comprising about 50% of coconut oil, once it is removed you are left with a liquid oil with a much lower melting point. It should be noted that it is a highly refined product, and that it is missing coconut oil’s star component: lauric acid which gives so much benefit. 

What is MCT powder? 

MCT powder is the condensed powder form of MCT oil benefits. Although MCT powder is great for bullet proof coffee and such, it tends not to carry as much nutritional benefits that normal mct oil would.

What ultimately makes MCT oil great is that it is uniquely metabolized as well as easily digested. For this reason it plays a vital role in not only weight loss but also health issues and complications that we will further breakdown in this article.

mct oil benefits

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  1. Susan Shaw says:

    Great article! Could you please tell me whether the MCT oil should be refrigerated? I have 2 brands of MCT oil, one in a plastic bpa free bottle and one in a glass bottle, but I am unsure whether to leave them in or out of the fridge.


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