21 Essiac Tea for Cancer Benefits

essiac tea uses

What is Essiac Tea

Essiac tea is a concoction made by a Native American formula that is used to fight cancer.

The tea is made up of four main herbs namely; Burdock Root, Slippery Elm Inner, Indian Rhubarb Root, and Sheep Sorrel.

Essiac tea formed by Rene Caisse who worked with Dr. Charles Brusch. Essiac tea is a brown liquid formula perfected through years of clinical studies.

The tea is formulated to help the body clean out toxins and waste hence creating room for cellular renewal.

Essiac tea is sold globally as a health tonic and is mostly used as a natural cancer treatment.

It has been notably used to manage an array of other diseases such as diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, and HIV Aids.

The four main ingredients used to make the tea hold various health benefits and are used for different medical purposes.

While essiac tea is known to fight cancer, it also has plenty of other benefits because of its careful formulation.

The herbs used in making the tea hold different properties including anti-inflammation, anti-oxidation and nutritional components.

Essiac Tea Nutrition Facts

The four main components of essiac tea are packed with nutrients and medicinal compounds.

All the four herbs hold antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties.

Slippery elm contains a substance known as mucilage which is very useful in improving the performance of the digestive system.

The burdock root contains detox agents that make it excellent for purifying the body.

The tea also holds other components that are effective in preventing the growth of tumors and help in streamlining the function of the liver.

essiac tea

Essiac Tea Benefits

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Essiac Tea for Cancer

One report published in the Canadian Journal of Urology shows that a 64-year-old man went into remission from prostate cancer while using essiac tea.

His remission was greatly connected to the use of the tea since he was not on any other medication or chemotherapy.

All the herbs used in the preparation of Essiac tea have been proven to hold anti-cancer and anti-oxidation properties.

The tea itself has proved to hold anticancer properties in vitro.

One study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology was done to examine the effect of essiac tea on free radicals.

The study found that the tea holds active antioxidants and DNA protective properties.

These two properties of the tea are common to natural anti-cancer herbs.

Dr.Murray Susser of Los Angeles California has given an account on how Essiac tea has helped his patients extend their life in place of chemotherapy.

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Essiac Tea Anti-Inflammatory

As already mentioned, most of the herbs used in making the tea hold anti-inflammatory agents.

When the tea is drunk, it also acts as an anti-inflammatory throughout the body.

Because inflammation is at the root of most diseases, the tea can be used to manage a variety of conditions.

It is practiced in treating chronic pain associated with inflammation such as that caused by arthritis.

Sheep sorrel is one of the essential ingredients of essiac tea.

It is usually used to treat inflammation and the pain associated with sinusitis.

The sheep sorrel also contains tannins- which is used to control the production of mucus.

Essiac Tea Strengthens Immune System

As already stated, analysis of essiac tea shows that it holds anti-oxidation properties.

It also holds immunomodulatory agents and anti-tumor properties. The burdock root that is applied in the preparation of the tea is a known immune booster through its action of lymphatic system detox.

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Essiac Tea Detoxify the Body

The burdock root in the tea is an excellent blood purifying agent that is used to clear toxins from the blood.

At the same time, the Indian rhubarb root that is also an ingredient of the tea is a laxative as well as a detox agent.

The tea is therefore useful in cleansing the liver by supporting fat and cholesterol removal.

Using small amounts of the tea will help you clean the liver and as a result, detoxify the entire body.

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Essiac Tea Alleviates Gastrointestinal Problems

Slippery Elm- the other ingredient in the tea is a marvelous remedy for gastrointestinal complications.

The herb contains a substance known as mucilage. This substance forms a slick gel when mixed with water.

The gel is capable of coating the lining of the stomach and throat hence reducing the action of stomach acids.

The substance also has anti-inflammatory properties and is useful in calming the gastrointestinal conditions.

The slippery elm is also known to cause reflux stimulation to nerve endings.

This helps in the secretion of mucus which may help in protecting the intestines and stomach lining against acidic actions.

The elm is usually used to treat coughs, gastroesophageal reflux disease(GERD), and ulcerative colitis.

The Indian rhubarb contains malic acid which aids in the ATP process.

This helps in increasing energy levels and general healing.

How to Use Essiac Tea

Essiac tea is normally taken on an empty stomach.

It is only to be taken orally for the treatment of various conditions.

If you are taking the tea just as a tonic to manage minor ailments and improve the general body immune, two ounces per day are enough.

If you are taking for cancer and other chronic ailments, you will be required to use it at least three times per day.

You can take two ounces per session.

You can buy essiac tea from most health stores and online stores. The most common type of essiac tea available in stores is called Caisse’s tea.

It is claimed to follow the original formulation provided by Caissie. With Caisse’s tea, you need to mix two ounces of heated water with two ounces of concentrated tea.

Take the mixture approximately 30 minutes before your meal time.

Essiac tea is also sold in tea bags. This form of essiac tea is popularly known as Ojibwa tea. You can also buy the powder or capsule options of the tea too. The good news is that essiac tea is not expensive.

essiac tea uses

Homemade Essiac Tea

You can make Essiac tea at home. While it is not clear if the formula is correctly aligned to the original, it is used in making the tea and can be used instead of buying premixed tea.


  • 6 cups of cut burdock roots
  • 1 pound of powdered sheep sorrel herb
  • 1/4 pound of powdered slippery elm
  • 1 ounce of powdered Indian rhubarb root


Mix all the ingredients in a jar thoroughly and store them in a cold, dry and dark place for about three days.

Measure 1 ounce of the mixture and mix with 32 ounces of water.

Mix the water and the herb mixture in a stainless steel pot and boil for about 10 minutes.

Once you turn off the heat, leave the pot covered with the mixture overnight.

Heat the mixture to steam but not boil the next morning.

Turn off the heat and let it cool down before straining with a strainer into a sterilized glass.

Once it cools, store it in a dark and cool place for your first use.

Once you open it for use, you must refrigerate the remaining tea onwards.

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Essiac Tea For Dogs

Essiac tea can also be given to dogs.

Various studies have revealed that the tea can be used to treat many pet disease at home.

The tea is an active anti-inflammatory agent and is very useful for dog skins.

Dogs can also be given essiac tea on a daily basis to help improve their digestion and boost the body immune.

While the original formula as created by Renne did not match carter for the use of the tea in dogs, Sheila Snow, an author of Caisse’s information said in his book that the dosage for treating dogs should be assessed based on their age and weight.

For example, a cat weighing 2 pounds would do well on 2 ml of the tea daily.

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Essiac Tea For Dog Dosage

Essiac tea should be given to dogs according to their weights and age. According to various veterinary doctors, the tea can be administered to the dog on a daily basis or can occasionally be used to treat chronic conditions.

Some of the positions you can manage your dog using essiac tea include diarrhea, skin inflammation, and muscle pains.

Here is a simple dosage guide based on the dog weight:

  • 5 lbs to 20 lbs use between 1/4 and one teaspoons of essiac tea per day.
  • The proportions will depend on the weight of the dog
  • 40 lbs to 60 lbs use between 3 teaspoons and four teaspoons of the tea
  • 80 lbs to 100 lbs Use between 5 spoons and six teaspoons.

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According to first-hand information, the best results are achieved when you use a dosage slightly larger than the recommended.

For example, if your dog is 40 lbs, it is better to use four teaspoons than three.

The dosage of the tea is usually complicated when it comes to dogs because the original formulation is intended for humans.

In humans, the dosage is not dependent on the person’s weight.

A 200-pound woman would use the same dose as a 100-pound woman as long as they are both adults.

The only problem with too much dosage of the essiac tea to dogs is the amount of Rhubard they end up taking.

Rhubarbs are laxatives and may cause digestive problems if taken in large amounts.

In dogs, it is recommended that the amounts of rhubarbs in the formula should be modified.

However, if you are not the one formulating the tea, just stick to the given dosages.

Which Form Of Essiac Tea Is Good For Dogs

As we have already seen, there are many types of essiac tea.

There is the premixed tea which does not need further preparation, the tea bag version which is associated with water, the powdered version and the capsules.

The disadvantage to dog owners is that most vendors are provided towards human users.

This makes it difficult to buy essiac tea that is adapted to dogs.

If you are buying the tea for dogs, it is advisable to find small 1 oz packets of dried essiac herbs.

You can also buy large packets and subdivide on your own since the small packages are usually high priced.

Buying the essiac tea herbs is the best way for dog owners since they can make a mix of their own.

The other option is to buy ready to use essiac tea from food stores. The problem is that this kind of essiac tea is usually expensive.

In a drug store, you can buy 17 fluid ounce fluorescence for about 25 USD per bottle.

The cost is worth it but when feeding your dogs on a daily basis buying may become a burden especially for those rearing plenty of dogs.

While many sources say that they are inferior to the actual tea, they are an option in case you cannot find the herbs or powdered tea.

essiac tea herbs

How Long Can You Store Essiac tea

The essiac tea can be saved for up to one year before opening.

Once opened, you can refrigerate it for about two weeks or store in a cold, dry and dark place for about three days.

Thew essiac tea made from the original formula usually starts getting spoiled after four days.

However, some of the essiac tea sold is not made with the original recipe and may have a different lifespan.

The green teas usually have more sorrel which is acidic and may help increase the lifetime of the meal.

You should, however, be careful when taking any essiac tea that does not follow the original formula.

Buying essiac tea from food stores and drug store is the best way to obtain one pre-mixed tea.

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How to Store Essiac Tea Herbs

If you prefer buying dry herbs and making your tea you should also have a way of storing them.

You can either buy the leaves in small quantities and use for the day or buy them in bulk and store.

Storing your herbs in open containers in bright places will not have them last for long.

Once you buy the herbs, you should sniff them to be familiar with how they smell.

Sniff on the herbs every time you want to use them to ensure that there is no change in smell.

Leafy herbs may not last as long as roots and stems.

On the other hand cut, chunks stay longer than powdered herbs.

It is necessary to ensure that your herbs whether powdered or cut chunks are stored in a dry place to avoid the growth of mold.

essiac tea for cancer

How to Make Essiac Tea for Dogs

Instead of using the 1 to 2 gallons directions on the packaging, make it in a pint or quart.

Using 1 to 2-quart stainless steel pot with a lid, make the tea according to any of these directions.

Powdered herbs are the easiest to use although you may still find cut chunks of some herbs in the powder.

  • Add 2 tablespoons of powdered herbs or 4 tablespoons of cut herbs in one quart of boiling distilled water and stir for about 10 minutes.
  • Add one tablespoon of powdered herbs or 2 tablespoons of cut chunks of the herbs in one pint of boiling distilled water and stir for about 10 minutes.
  • After boiling the tea for 10 minutes, allow the pot to cool down with the lid open.
  • Place it in this fridge and let it steep for about 10 hours.
  • Once you remove it from the refrigerator, you can heat it again just to kill bacteria and then pour the hot tea into sterilized bottles.
  • The sludge can be refrigerated and used to treat skin conditions in dogs and humans.

Almost a quarter of the tea is left through the cooking processes. However, the process of brewing the tea is so easy that making it fresh every few days should be a simple routine.

You can make it fresh by boiling or refrigerate it and only freshen it up when using.

You should not brew too much tea since essiac tea can only last for a few weeks once opened.

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Essiac Tea Precautions

Whether used for dogs or humans, essiac team may have some side effects.

Before using the tea to treat any chronic disease, it is advisable to talk to your doctor first.

Essiac tea is not suitable for individuals who are suffering from diabetes.

The tea should also not be taken when you are using anticoagulants or have undergone cholecystectomy( The removal of the gallbladder).

If you are also suffering from osteoporosis, you need to consult with your doctor before taking essiac tea.

Essiac tea can interfere with metabolism

You should consult your doctor about using essiac tea if you are taking any glycosides.

You should ask your doctor to monitor any toxicity effects too.

There are also risks of taking the tea for pregnant women.

The tea increases the flow of blood within the pelvic regions and stimulates mense.

If you are already pregnant or you are planning to conceive avoid the use of essiac tea.

If you were using essiac tea before you became pregnant, stop and talk to your doctor about it.

If you have kidney disease or have any kidney complications, you should not take essiac tea.

You should also avoid essiac tea if you have a history of increased iron.

essiac tea drink

Essiac tea contains high amounts of iron and may affect your body function.

The tea also contains oxalic acid which can irritate the kidney.

As already mentioned, taking too much essiac tea may irritate the stomach and cause diarrhea.

Use essiac tea in small amounts if you suffer from bowel obstruction, ulcers, and colitis.

If you have an overly grown tumor that has encroached on major blood vessels, you should not take essiac tea.

While the tea is used to fight tumors, it is known to cause the enlargement of tumors before breaking them down.

If a tumor is already encroaching on a significant blood vessel using the tea may lead to its blockage.

Stick to using the recommended dosages of Essiac for the best results.

If you notice any side effects during the use of the tea stop immediately.

You can consult a health professional before you continue using it.

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It should be noted that the consumption of essiac tea may also cause an increased bowel movement, urine passage and flu-like symptoms. It may also cause skin redness in some people.

Most of these side effects are usually related to the essiac tea detoxification.

When the body is detoxifying, it is likely to pass out more urine and lead to skin redness.

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Essiac tea is a solution made of four significant drugs using a Native American formula.

The tea is known for its uses to fight against cancer.

It was formed by Rene Caisse and is used all over the world for various purposes.

Besides treating cancer, the tea also has anti-inflammatory properties.

It is, therefore, used to treat inflammatory conditions and ease inflammatory pains.

Essiac tea can also be used to treat dogs and other pets. Essiac tea for dogs follows the same formulation as that one for humans, but the difference lies in the dosage.

When using the tea for dogs, the dosage will vary depending on the dog’s age and weight.

Essiac tea for dogs can be made at home bought as mixed tea.

It can be used in treating muscle and joint pains caused by inflammation, treatment of tumors and to boost the overall immune of the dog.

You should not take essiac tea if you are on medication without consulting your doctor.

You should also avoid the tea if you are trying to get pregnant or you are already pregnant.

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