8 Healthy Soup Recipes with Chicken

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What is Healthy Soup?

When putting together healthy soup recipes for your family, you may need a bit of inspiration.

Soups are celebrated across the world, and the good news is that most of them are pretty healthy!

In Eastern Asia, you will find delicious meat and vegetable broth-based soup like Bok Choy soup, and Wonton soup.

These healthy soup recipes contain meat and vegetables and are clear, light and very healthy.

Soups from different parts of the world differ considerably, but remember that if you are looking for healthy recipes, one major no-no is fat.

For example, if you’re making French Onion Soup, you must avoid the cheese!

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Why Eat Healthy Soup Recipes?

Soup is very popular during the winter, with a combination of hearty vegetables, broth and other ingredients to heat people up during the cold winter months.

But each soup has some significance or value that it adds to our health or sense of well being.

For example, chicken soup. The best chicken soup recipes are appreciated for their healing qualities.

Although there is no scientific evidence to back up this claim, chicken soup is considered a powerful cold remedy that can help you get over a cold more quickly.

Some people believe that any hot soup, broth or drink will accomplish the same goal.

While some experts say that a bowl of hot broth with vapors opens up sinus passages, soothes the throat and even our facial muscles. Yes, it seems chicken soup can relax us.

Maybe it’s the hot, herbal water that does the trick, It’s real comfort food that reminds a lot of people of when they were little, home from school, and hungry for only one thing: mum’s chicken soup.

The soup itself is a derivative of the word “sop,” an English term that involves the sopping of bread in a bowl of hot broth.

Sop became soup when bread was eliminated from the equation, and only the hot broth remained.

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It is a natural detoxifier

Vegetable soups are a great way to get your family to eat lots of vegetables, especially children.

If you have a problem with the lumps in any of the soups puree the whole pot in a vegetable blender – this will make all the goodness go down smoother for the fussy ones.

The good thing about most soups is that the quantities are not set in stone.

One thing to bear in mind though is to taste the soup before serving, just in case.

Some soups can be used as starters, or you could add some crusty bread and more soup to have it as a main meal.

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Healthy Soup Maintain a balanced PH

Our bodies have natural and constant detoxifying processes that help it cleanse and transport toxins via our bloodstream to the kidney and liver for elimination.

The blood must be slightly alkaline in ph to be able to eliminate these toxins effectively, and some soups can help in balancing the alkaline ph.

Healthy Soup Reduces constipation

One of the effects of constipation is that it can trap toxins in our bodies.

A critical job of any detox program is to ensure efficient bowel movement and soups do this very well.

People suffering from constipation can eat a lot of soluble fiber while consuming healthy soup recipes, which help bowel movement.

I think this is a better natural alternative to taking laxatives.

Healthy Soup Lowers cholesterol

Research has also shown that certain vegetables can help stabilize and balance cholesterol and blood lipids.

So soups that contain these veggies are excellent for people who have high cholesterol as a result of too much fat.

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Healthy Soup For Weight Loss

There are some healthy soup recipes to lose weight.

People on diets can control their weight by consuming these soups in between meals especially when hunger strike.

Besides relieving hunger pangs, it provides more nutrients, eliminates toxins and excess fats from the body.

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Healthy Soup Cost Less

Making your soup is not only economical but also quite convenient. Sure, you may think canned soups are easier to prepare, but they also cost a lot more.

So you end up paying more for something that’s not fresh. Homemade soups, on the other hand, can even contain leftovers from your Sunday meal, like chicken bones.

You can about add anything to the soup.

Making a large batch also means you can freeze the soup for using it later as all you need to do is defrost and reheat.

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Variety of Healthy Soup Recipes

Soups are also the most versatile food items around. A light soup for the first course nicely sets you up for the courses that follow. However, it can also become the principal meal by addition of extra protein and carbohydrates.

While one day you can choose to thicken your soup with some elbow macaroni, the next day it could be with rice, barley, diced bread or even some stale bread.

A small addition of protein will turn the soup into a complete meal instead of just being an appetizer for bigger bags to follow.

If you need a lot of protein but are tired of meat sources, then you can give tofu a try, other than a can of beans and soybean curd.

Here Are Some Key Fundamental to Help You Prepare Healthy Soup Recipes

You can use any ingredient you like in your healthy soup recipes.

If you want to keep them as healthy as possible, you should follow some healthy diet fundamentals.

Only include good fats!

Things that are deep fried or covered in animal fat are going to be detrimental to your health.

For your healthy soup recipes, add good fats, like olive oil, fish, etc.

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Keep carbs to a Minimum

If you’re trying to lose weight, keep carbs to a minimum.

Healthy soup recipes can contain carbs, but try to keep them insanity!

Thicken with healthy ingredients

Adding ingredients like lentils are great for thickening up soup without making it too starchy.

Use lean meat

Include as many lean meats as you like; protein is essential for a balanced diet.

It is the building blocks for muscle, and the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn!

Remember, if you want to lose weight, only use the freshest ingredients in your healthy soup recipes.

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Eat small portions of your soup.

Aim to eat six small meals a day, 2 or 3 of which can be your healthy soup recipes.

Make a large batch and freeze for later consumption.

That will save cooking time and say fresh for longer.

Don’t store it in your fridge for too long!

The problem with fresh recipes is, they don’t have preservatives, so can go off quickly.

Freeze your soup in Tupperware, or keep in the covered in the fridge for three days max!

The best way to discover your favorite healthy soup recipes is to look around and experiment with recipes you find on the web.

There are great recipes everywhere!

Try one out, and make adjustments depending on your tastes.

The most important rule when trying to find inspiration for your healthy soup recipes is to be creative.

You don’t have to stick to recipe books or online recipes rigidly. Create your healthy soup recipes from scratch!

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Healthy Soup Recipes

Soup has been consumed around the world for centuries – it can be a snack, appetizer, entrée, or healing dish all on its own.

Utilizing a spectrum of ingredients from meats and cheeses to vegetables and herbs, soups can capture any taste, texture, and seasoning in a single bowl.

Enjoy these soup recipes that you can make in the comfort of your kitchen – they are classical, traditional, and altogether delicious.

Healthy soup recipes to lose weight

By consuming healthy soup instead of large meals, you are guaranteed to lose weight (as long as you don’t like a snack and you keep the soups healthy).

For weight watchers, eating regularly is a great way to take control of your diet and stay on track.

Soups make a perfect snack between meals or with a serving of wholemeal bread; this makes an excellent main.

Healthy soup recipes to lose weight can be used to reduce your fat and carbohydrate intake.

This means that you burn more calories stored in your body, instead of in the food you eat.

You can swap out dinner and try healthy soup recipes instead. Replace your large meals with soup for a month, and watch your weight start to drop off.

Try not to go too hungry (as this will slow your metabolism). Eat healthy snacks between meals: a piece of fruit is a good idea. Healthy soup recipes for weight loss are an excellent way to stay full in between meals.

My favorite ingredient for weight loss is leek. It is low in fat (as long as you don’t add cream), and is cheap to make.

It is incredibly warming in the winter with a small chunk of wholemeal bread.

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Leek and Potato Vegetable Soup

This is one of those soups where almost any vegetable can be used, and I think it is best to use whatever is in season at the time.

One wonderful thing about vegetable soup is that you can make a big pot of it and freeze it for easy cooking later.

The below is really a guideline for a vegetable soup that is ideal for weight loss.

You can add whatever you have at home that needs to be done before it goes off.

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  • 1 Onion, peel and chop it
  • One leek, slice
  • One potato, grate or chop very finely
  • One carrot, sliced and cleaned
  • A quarter of a small cabbage
  • One tsp mixed herbs
  • 2 pints vegetable stock
  • Salt and pepper to season
  • One tablespoon of olive oil to fry the onions

Fry the onion in the pan and let it brown a little.

Then add the leak and allow it to cook for a few minutes letting the two flavors mix well.

Add the stock and all the other ingredients into the pot.

Bring to the boil and then let it simmer for about 30 minutes.

If you use different vegetables, you may have to let the soup simmer for longer.

Sometimes it is easier to liquidize the soup before feeding to children. Add salt and pepper to season.

Healthy soup recipes for dinner

In my opinion, the only way to ensure you give your family a healthy soup for supper is to add nutritiously rich ingredients and make them yourself.

Soups out of a can and packet are made in a factory and contain all sorts of additives that wouldn’t be in a homemade batch of soup.

These ingredients aren’t necessarily very great for your health and don’t offer the same benefits you’d get from some homemade soup.

Try to buy your ingredients and make your healthy soup recipes from scratch to ensure they’re as good as they should be.

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Garlic Noodle Soup Recipe

The soup is simple and quick to prepare.


  • Four cloves of garlic – chopped
  • Three tablespoons olive oil
  • Package of broad whole wheat egg noodles
  • One organic egg
  • Three vegetable bouillon cubes
  • 8 cups purified water
  • Black pepper to taste

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Heat the oil in a pan and add the garlic and sauté for about 2 minutes.

Then add the water and bouillon and bring to a boil.

Reduce the heat and add the whole wheat egg noodles.

Let the soup cook with the egg noodles until they are tender.

Now turn off the heat, crack the egg and beat it in a separate bowl. Add the beaten egg into the soup pot mixing as you pour it in.

The egg will cook right in the soup and look like scrambled strips. Add black pepper to taste and serve immediately.

Healthy soup recipes for a cold

We all know that chicken noodle soup has always been a favorite for cold winter days or just when we don’t feel good, it is the perfect thing to eat.

Every grandmother around the world claims that her chicken soup recipes are the finest.

This soup is known the world over, for curing a common cold and is a basic ingredient of any sick person’s diet.

Did you know that this soup has growing evidence that it, in fact, has the same chemical makeup as some anti-cold drugs?

So if you have a cold, have some soup instead.

There are hundreds of soups online and with a growing number of cooking shows on television, it is almost impossible to settle on a few recipes you want to try.

So let’s see if the below method will work for you.

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Chicken soup with carrots and celery

This is an easy to make chicken soup that is healthy and delicious. With the proteins in the chicken and the vegetables, this is a great and easy to cook a meal!


  • 3-pound whole chicken
  • Five stalks celery (chopped)
  • Five carrots (chopped)
  • One large onion (chopped)
  • Parsley
  • Cold water
  • Salt and black pepper

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In a soup pot, put chicken, celery, carrots, and onion. Cover with water and cook everything until the chicken is thoroughly cooked.

Strain the broth and take the chicken off the bones. Mix the chicken and soup and add salt, black pepper, and parsley.

On a side note, you can make chicken broth from chicken wings. This adds an exotic touch to the standard soup recipe. You can flavor up the soup with celery, onion, or a variety of other foods you enjoy.

The skin from the wings may worry some people, but once the broth is chilled, the skin simply floats to the surface, and you can take it out with no problems at all.

The longer you cook the broth, the more intense it will be, so keep that in mind.

Healthy soup recipes for the elderly

As people age, they are faced with higher risks of osteoporosis, particularly people who are sedentary or rarely worked out.

Soups made from meat bones are packed with nutrients that are readily absorbed by the body.

Bone broth also contains collagen, fats, proteins, and natural salt.

All these nutrients help to promote micro-circulation.

Better micro-circulation is just a fancy word for optimal cell production.

When your cell production is at its best, naturally, delayed aging, youthful appearance, healthy heart, and bones will be your reward.

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Chicken Bone Broth

Chicken broth is one of the most beautiful bone broth with delicious taste.

It’s fun to make for dinner or lunch and can be an excellent soup for guests who have arrived without notice.

It’s also rich in proteins and great for kids too.

You can make chicken broth both by using a stew pot or a pressure cooker.

However, remember that if using a stew pot, this recipe will need at least three hours to cook.

But if you’re using a pressure cooker, you can make it in less than thirty minutes.

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  • 5 pound of chicken (feet, neck or wings)
  • Three chopped carrots
  • Three chopped celery stalks
  • Two medium sliced onions
  • Four mashed garlic cloves
  • Salt to taste
  • Three tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Two bay leaves
  • Three sprigs of thyme and parsley
  • One teaspoon oregano

The first step is to slice the chicken into bite sizes.

Add all the ingredient in your pot and pour in 15-18 cups of water.

Put the heat on simmer, and let it cook for 24-48 hours.

Remove the solids and strain the broth into a bowl with a colander. Let the broth cool and consume within a week or you can freeze it up to 3 months.

This is one of the healthiest and rejuvenating foods you can consume; It isn’t only good for the elderly but for everyone because It is packed with many nutrients.

These nutrients include glycine, gelatin and other healthy nutrients.

it will help to protect and heal your skin, gut lining, and digestive tract.

Give this healthy soup recipe a try and feel free to modify it to your taste.

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