35 High Protein Foods with Low Carb

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What are High Protein Foods?

Proteins have many health benefits.

They are the key to proper cell and muscular regeneration.

Also, these biological compounds support the skin, nerves, bones and enhance molecular transportation.

As such, it is necessary for people to consume adequate supplies of protein on a daily basis.

This enhances the development of strong immune responses. Indeed, proteins are the very essence of human existence.

Proteins are responsible for the protection of a living organism in its entirety.

They participate in almost every single functioning of an organism’s systems.

From body tissue repair to acting as antibodies, these marvels of nature do execute an incredibly wide range of functions.

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Proteins strengthen bones

Many people believe that bones support proteins. Actually, it is the other way round.

Credible scientific studies have shown that proteins have major benefits for the health of bones.

Regular consumers of protein have stronger bones than those who are not.

They have denser bones mass and suffer from less bone-related complications like osteoporosis as they age.

It is advisable for pregnant women to include healthy servings of protein in their diet.

The reasons for this are obvious. The growing fetus within their bellies requires healthy nourishing of this life-giving compound.

Protein also helps such women to strengthen their bones and those of the growing lives within them.

Similarly, women who are in their menopause phase can escape the risk of bone fractures and osteoporosis by consuming adequate amounts of proteins.

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Proteins can help you lose unwanted fat

The most common cause of fat gain is piling calories because of cravings and eating junk food.

Food craving is a desire for food even when you are not actually hungry.

It is more psychological than physical. The brain craves for a ’reward’’ even when the body does not need the nutrients.

It is an addiction that is at the same level as the addiction to alcohol, nicotine, and other drugs.

As we all know, addictions can be a pain in the neck. They are very hard to shed off.

The best way to control them is to avoid them from the onset.

However, if you already have these cravings, and you have acquired unwanted fat as a result, you can turn to proteins as a solution.

A reliable study proved that by increasing your protein intake by 30% of the calories you consume,

you would realize 65% drastic reduction in cravings for late-night snacking and junk food.

The same study reported that girls who consume high-protein breakfasts do not display their previously noticeable cravings for unhealthy food during the day.

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Protein is good for your blood pressure

High blood pressure is responsible for many cases of kidney diseases, strokes and heart attacks.

With the intake of adequate quantities of protein, the systolic blood pressured can be lowered by as much as 1.75mmHg

and the diastolic blood pressure by as much as 1.16mmHg.

This is good news to those who are at high risk of hypertension, or already suffer from it.

In addition, proteins reduce the harmful LDL cholesterol and triglycerides in the body.

When proteins safeguard you against these harmful compounds, it means that you stand a better chance to ward off heart diseases.

You risk factor for heart disease will greatly improve.

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Proteins do not pose any danger to healthy kidneys

Ever heard the fallacy that high protein intake is harmful to your healthy kidneys?

Actually, healthy kidneys face no harm from proteins. A number of studies have proven this true.

However, people with pre-existing kidney problems are advised to regulate their protein intake.

Considering how kidney problems can be complicated, people should take this advice with some weight.

But, the bottom line is that proteins are quite okay with people whose kidneys are healthy.

Protein is good for body repair

Doctors advise patients recovering from physical traumas to include high protein foods in their diets.

This is because proteins are very good at the repair of injured body tissues.

As the main building blocks of the body, they can aid in the speedy recovery after accidents, sickness and any other causes of physical traumas.

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Proteins keep you younger – for longer

It is normal for people to physically deteriorate as they advance in years.

This is referred to as sarcopenia. It is an age-related condition that causes shrinkage of muscles, bone fractures and lowered immune response.

It is a major cause of low-quality life in many senior citizens. However, this does not have to be the case.

With adequate supplies of diets which are high protein foods, the body remains physically active for longer.

Activities like jogging, lifting weights and other resistance training exercises are made the more possible.

In short, proteins will enable you to live a youthful, more active life in your old age.

How much protein is good for you?

To reap maximum benefits, aim for high protein foods with low carbs.

There is no hard and fast rule as to how much proteins you should consume.

The key lies in selecting the right foods and being consistent.

Generally, a protein diet of around 20% calories is good to prevent protein deficiency in the body.

However, people with special dietary needs need to go a bit higher.

For example, if you want to lose weight, gain muscle mass or improve your metabolic health, you may have to eat proteins of up to 30% to 35% of calories.

In nature, proteins abound in plenty to cater for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

A wide selection of legumes, dairy products, soy, seeds, and nuts are available for vegetarians.

Non-vegetarians have an even wider choice with all types of meat and eggs.

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What are the types of proteins?

Generally, proteins can be classified into 3 main types.

Membrane proteins

Ads the name suggests, these proteins work in the membranes of cells.  

Their main function lies in signaling and membrane transport.

Globular proteins

These are antibodies and enzymes. They work in an environment that has water.

This is one of the reasons we are advised to keep our bodies adequately hydrated.

Fibrous proteins

These types of proteins are found in bones, muscles, and ligaments.

They are ones that compose the hair, collagen, and nails.

All proteins, irrespective of the type, are made up of amino acids.

Amino acids are the actual building blocks of our bodies.

They can be grouped into 3 categories Essential Amino Acids

Our bodies cannot synthesize this type of amino acids.

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There are 9 in total:

  • valine
  • threonine
  • histidine
  • leucine
  • isoleucine
  • tryptophan
  • lycine,
  • phenylalanine
  • methionine

We can only get them from high protein foods.

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Non-essential Amino Acids

The body breaks down high protein foods to form these amino acids.

They can also be formed from essential amino acids.


  • glutamic acid
  • alanines
  • aspartic acid
  • asparagine.

Conditional Amino Acid

These amino acids come in handy when you Are sick or stressed.

They are glycine, glutamine, cysteine, and arginine.

What are some good sources of high protein foods with low carbs?

As noted earlier, a healthy you will depend on your choice of diets which are high protein foods.

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High Protein foods Low Carb

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 High Protein in Ginger

As a source of protein, this dietary condiment is renowned

the world over for its diverse benefits.  It has been associated with almost everything from improving mental faculties to combating morning sickness.

Ginger has very effective anti-inflammatory and antioxidants that make it a powerhouse of nutrition.

With powerful compounds like zingerone, paradol, shogaol and gingerol, ginger is necessary-add ingredients to your diet.

Ginger reduces muscle pain and soreness resulting from exercise.

This is mainly because of its very strong anti-inflammatory qualities.

 High Protein in Black Beans

Black beans have an amazing 15gms of high-quality fiber in each cup.

This is slightly over 60% of the recommended daily value.

This gives it the status of superfoods that are high protein foods.

In addition to being rich in protein content, black bean is a great source of iron and calcium.

Nutritionists and other food experts hail black beans as one of the best sources of vegetarian protein.

 High Protein in Broad Beans 

Broad beans are crunchy, and offer one of the best sources

of high protein foods with low carbs. Are you addicted to bags of chips?

Its high to you ditched them for this healthy protein food. The benefits of roasted of broad beans cannot be overstated.

Roasted beans are delicious and very versatile. Their versatility is best seen in the fact that they are portable, non-perishable and can just fit in any bag that you may be carrying.

They make good snacks at home, in the car or in the office.

According to research done by a leading dietician, a single ounce of broad beans packs close to 100 calories,

16gms of carbs, 6gms of fiber and an amazing 7gms of protein.

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 High Protein in Fish

Fish is a great source of essential amino acids.

Experts recommend fish to both adults and children alike for its richness in omega-3 fatty acids.  

Classified as foods which are high in protein, fish diets are good at maintaining healthy arteries, keeping the brain at optimal performance and reducing any inflammation in the body.

It is noteworthy that not all fish are the same in their nutritional value.

Studies have shown that the Arctic char, trout and salmon top the list in the provision of immunity-boosting protein.

 High Protein in Cheese

Snacking cheese is quite convenient and easy to carry around.

A small creamy cheese package will provide not less than 4-8gms of protein with no carbs for about 70 calories.

Most people love cheese or find it easy to take to.

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 High Protein in Eggs

Eggs are good for the provision of Vitamin D. Ordinarily,

Vitamin D is hard to get, yet it is essential for the formation of teeth and bones.

Eggs will also provide you with choline, which helps humans, improve their memory.

With about 7gm of protein content and less than 1gm of carbs, eggs are a great choice for high protein foods.

 High Protein in Milk

The milk of a cow is a traditional protein powerhouse. Used for ages to sustain people from all nationalities and walks of life, cow’s milk is highly regarded for its nutritional value.

The cow’s milk provides the consumer with high-quality carbohydrates, calcium, potassium, Vitamins A & B12 and riboflavin.

 High Protein in Pistachios 

These provide great protein laden snacks that can help you

avoid junk food and remain healthy.  They have up to 4gms of protein for every 30 nuts.

The same number of nuts will provide you with less than 100 calories and about 4gms of carbs.  

This makes pistachios idea for anyone battling weight loss issues.

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 High Protein in Avocado

An avocado contains about 5gms of protein, 9gms of fiber and12gms of carbs.

This makes it one of the much-sought-after nutrition high protein foods.

In addition to its obvious benefits, avocados are good for people looking to avert the debilitating effects of heart disease.

 High Protein in Peanut Butter 

Peanut butter serves best as a pre-workout fuel or an afternoon snack.

However, you can use it just about any other time. Among all nuts, peanut butter reigns supreme in terms of protein content.

2tbs (20mls) of peanut butter supply around 8gms of protein with 185 calories, 7gms carbs, and 3gms fiber.

You can further can down on the calories by opting for powdered peanut butter.

This is a protein powerhouse that is guaranteed to deliver 6gms of protein with 50 calories, 3gms carbohydrates, and 2gms of fiber from two tablespoons.

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 High Protein in Yogurt

You can settle for the many low sugar Greek yogurts available in the market today.

Many of them have about 100-150 calories with about 15gms protein, 13gms carbs, and high fiber counts.

The key to choosing healthy Greek yogurt lies in selecting those with very low or no sugar content.

 High Protein in Seitan 

This is a protein packed vegetarian source of nutrition. Its

carbohydrates count is favorably low at only 9.5gms for every 3 ounces.

The same quantity of seitan packs 18gms of protein. It is made after the wheat flour has been washed’.

Since it has a high sodium count, dietician advise on caution when adding salt, pepper, and other seasonings.

You can use this gluten protein to make a variety of sandwiches.

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 High Protein in Ricotta 

This is a plant-based cheese. It is an ingenious way to add healthy fats and protein to your meals.

It is derived from almond milk using methods that have been adopted for eons.

Ricotta is much preferred for its 100% cholesterol-free status. For every 3 ounces, ricotta delivers 9gms of protein and 6gms of carbohydrates.

 High Protein in Jerky 

The nutritional value of jerky varies with your choice of brand and flavor.

There are brands of salmon, bison, venison, chicken, turkey, and beef.

However, be keen as you choose, for some are higher on sugar and carbs than others are.

The less sweetened it is, the higher the protein content and the lower the carbs content.

 High Protein in Edamame 

This is a crunchy snack that is very high in proteins and low in carbs.

For half a cup, Edamame provides the consumer with 26gms of protein and only 14gms of carbs.

Edamame also adds a good measure of iron to your meals.

It is can be added to your soup, stir-fry, and salad.

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 High Protein in Almonds 

Almonds are good for the provision of heart-healthy fats and plant protein.

These are some of the most wholesome of all nuts which are high protein foods.

Experts advise eating almonds for a longer, more vibrant youthful life.

They also aid in the burning of belly fat, accentuated brain functions and many other benefits. a single ounce serving of almonds provides 6gms of protein and 6gms of carbs.

 High Protein in Turkey 

Two ounces of Deli Turkey Meat gives 11gms of protein with 60 calories and 2gms carbs.

This means it is a great filler and will help you ward off cravings for junk food.

For this reason, it can be taken at breakfast or during lunch.  You can also try deli turkey kebabs for the same benefits.

 High Protein in Chia Seeds 

Any diet plan needs chia seeds as its secret weapon.

They are very good at absorbing water, making you fill full and satiated.

In fact, some studies indicate that chia seeds absorb more than 10 times their weight in water.

In addition, they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

They can also help with inflammation. Chia seed can be taken in oatmeal, yogurt, smoothies, and cereals among others.

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 High Protein in Lentils 

These are delicious and versatile sources of protein that

are based on plants.

Since they are legumes, lentils have multiple benefits to the human body.

Studies have shown that they are very good at stabilizing blood pressure, enhancing the elasticity of the skin, lowering cholesterol and enhancing the functions of the CNS.

They aid in strengthening hair and providing energy to the body.

Doctors regularly advise diabetics and patients with

osteoporosis to include lentils as part of their regular meals. Similarly, people suffering from lack of sleep, weak bones and deprived immune systems can benefit from lentils.

It is also a common item in the diets of people looking to shed off some weight and those who are in strict exercise regimes.

A half cup of lentils provides 9gms of protein with 120

calories, 8gms of fiber and 20gms carbs.

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 High Protein in Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids.

They come highly recommended for anybody who would like to improve brainpower or ward off heart diseases.

They can be taken in cottage cheese, yogurt, smoothies, and salads. A tablespoonful of pumpkin seeds provides 3gms protein, 3gms carbs, and 60 calories.  This means it is a very nutritious snack.

 High Protein in Organic Chicken 

Organic chicken is the kind of chicken that is fed on organic food, spends lots of time outdoors and is not subjected to antibiotics.

A chicken breast of 3 ounces is guaranteed to supply you

with over 30% of the protein you need daily.

This makes it one of the best high protein foods you can get anywhere.

The good news is that chicken is easy to prepare and can be readily added to any main meal.

Chicken provides important Vitamins like niacin and B6.

With adequate supplies of these vitamins, you can lower your blood pressure, improve the functioning of your mental faculties, avoid heart diseases and lower dangerous cholesterol levels in your system

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As seen from the above 22 diets which are high protein

foods, proteins are necessary for improved health.  Their importance cannot be overlooked.

They are needed in almost every single functioning of the body.

By strengthening the immune system and producing hormones to repairing damaged tissue, proteins are essential to human existence.

With such a magnanimous role, it is obvious to see that a protein deficiency can lead to dangerous repercussions on our health.

You should, therefore, purpose to consume protein every single day. Though there is no one measure of this for everyone, it is recommended that you consume about 0.5gm of protein per every pound of your weight.

However, the more active people need to consume more since they shred more tissue in the course of their activities.

Finally, never make a mistake of going on diet based on deprivation and calorie counting.

Many people who have chosen this path have never really succeeded in their dietary goals.  Instead, turn to high protein foods.

They have so many benefits that they cannot be overlooked. Eat plenty of protein to keep you metabolisms active and your body healthy.

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