How Black Seed Oil for Hair Can Boost Scalp & Hair Health

black seed oil for hair

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Remember school picture days? Even if you looked the way you wanted, five years later you would look appalled at the choices in the style you were making.

Now I hope you’re at a stage where you have found your go-to look, and are confident in your decisions.

Maintaining healthy hair is integral to most people’s desired look; we all know what can happen on our “bad hair days.”

Regardless of your hairs’ current condition,excessive conditioning and treatments are only further damaging your natural hair oil production.

More is not always better when it comes to treating and maintaining your hair. Regardless of your hairs current condition, using black seed oil for hair can change everything you ever thought about hair products.

A lot of us use hot tools every day, and that can cause major issues. The high heat and flat ironing can dry out and damage the body of the hair!

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A helpful tip would be to go all natural with your hair, giving it a long deserved break. Although you might want to flat iron your hair every day, it’s not worth the abuse your hair will be left seed oil for hair

In this post, we’ll go over some tips, benefits, and teach you how to use black seed oil for hair growth and revitalization. The miracle seed can restore hair growth, scalp activation, and nourishment to the body of hair.

Black seed oil for hair has the advantage of relieving your scalp and getting deep into the roots of your hair. All you need to do is apply the black seed oil on hair loss affected areas and do so for a few weeks before seeing an improvement in your hair thickness and nourishment.

Numerous studies have been conducted on black seed oil on how it can be one of the most efficient ways to tackle hair loss.

The study mainly focused on the thymoquinone it contains and is only one of the many different uses of black seed oil.

Nevertheless, black seed oil hair benefits are numerous, and it is only now beginning to become more well known. History shows us that some of the most prominent figures, both Kings, Queens, and other ancient rulers relied heavily on black seed oil for many of their common ailments.

It’s not only a natural herb, and an amazing herb, but it’s also a consumable oil that pacts as many benefits into your body as it does on your body. That is what the natural remedy should be; a product that not only gives you benefits but also has multiple uses. Black seed oil for hair, in particular, is a solution that will forever change the hair care industry.

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Can Black Seed Oil Help Scalp Issues?

The scalp can cause a lot of problems, and the more informed you are, the better you’re off. If your scalp is itchy, flaky, oily, and irritated, it can cause serious health complications.

Studies have shown that adding black seed oil for hair to your daily routine can improve your scalp health generally. Other studies have found that it aids in the natural production of your scalps’ oils, aids in the irritation and itchiness of your scalp, and may cause regrowth in thinning parts of the seed oil for hair

The added advantage of using this amazing herb is it supplements quickly into your already full treatment of hair products.

When it comes shampooing your hair, finding the right product is crucial.

Otherwise, depending on your hair texture it can cause over-drying of your hair and scalp.

Make sure you find the right shampoo, and in the meantime consider adding black seed oil into your lineup to gain moisture and hydration, especially if your hair suffers from dryness.

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Can Black Seed Oil Help Deal with Hair Loss?

Try throwing black seed oil in your hair product inventory throughout the week. Use it sparingly, and let us know what you notice.

There have been over 458 studies conducted within the last 50 years that support the impactful breakthrough of the black seed along with a list of various benefits and different uses.

Within those studies, hair growth and hair loss were studied in depth.

The conclusion led to black seed oil being recognized as a supplement to help in thinning of the hair, baldness, and falling hair. There are over 100 different nutrients and vitamins it offers that replenish the scalp and hair, not to mention the other benefits it seed oil for hair

Hair contains proteins, fats, water, and carbohydrates. So with proper nutrition and a little black seed oil, these nutrients can get replaced and re-hydrated daily. With good use, black seed oil can help prevent hair loss, thinning hair, and balding.

Since hair is made from many nutrients, it makes sense that those nutrients need to be replaced for maintaining healthy hair. Think about it, each day we lose about 100 hairs.

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With proper use, black seed oil can prevent hair loss, thinning hair, and balding. Click To Tweet

The hair care industry is finding its way towards revamping its organic appeal, and using black seed oil as a treatment is on the rise. As pro proponents of natural health and well-being, we only value the purest and most economically and health conscious approach to consumerism.

This is one of the reasons we value black seed oil so highly and try to inform others of its uses and benefits.

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Can Black Seed Oil for Hair Growth Help? 

Black seed oil for hair growth has a tremendous backing and a leading ingredient in most hair growth products. The blessed seed finds multiple pathways from root extension to scalp reformation; the added advantage of switching to black seed oil for hair growth is incredible.

The results speak for themselves. Black seed oil hair reviews are hard to come by, so we decided to study it ourselves. Here are a few tips on how to use black seed oil for your hair:

Can Black Seed Oil for Hair Loss Work? 

Just pour some oil (1-2 tablespoons) into your palms and rub both hands against each other. Then massage your hair and the scalp, especially the bald areas. Repeat this daily and see the results.

No full clinical research has been finalized to show or claim a cure.

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Can Black Seed Oil for Hair Growth and Beard Growth Help? 

If you have thin hair or beard and want to make it thick, black seed oil is a good supplement that may aid in that.

Just rub some on your hands and massage it into the scalp and beard. Just be sure it reaches the roots. Black seed oil hair loss effects are so powerful that there have been numerous people claiming that it is the sole reason for their hair growth.

No clinical research has been conducted to show a proof of claim as of yet.

Can Black Seed Oil Help Premature Gray Hair

Mix an equal amount of olive and black seed oil (1-2 tablespoons) and massage into the scalp with your hands. After about an hour, you can run your hair through warm water.

How to use Black Seed Oil on your Hair (3 different ways):

  1. Place black seed oil directly on the bald spots (1-2 tablespoons). Make sure to leave on for at least 30 minutes. Leaving it in throughout the day is also great!
  2. Make a mixture of black seed oil and ground black seeds. Rub on the bald and thinning spots. Leave in for at least 45 minutes.
  3. Mix and even amount of black seed oil crumbled black seeds and vinegar. Make sure to mix well. Rub the mixture on bald spots and leave in for 45 minutes. Repeat 3 times a week.

black seed oil for hair


Our Values!

We appreciate herbs that are natural, potent and do wonders for our body and health. Black seed oil is one of them and can be purchased (pure, cold pressed) without the bells and whistles of modern hair care products. It comes in ounces ranging from 4oz to 64oz.

The fact that it’s consumable and usable on your hair and body makes this product worth the money. There are numerous black seed oil for hair reviews out there, and the buzz around black seed oil and hair is only growing.

Numbers and facts don’t lie, and neither should your hair care product. Try going green when it comes to your body and start seeing the impact of nature working with nature. It’s time we begin being better consumers, especially if our health is on the line.

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Share your thoughts below: What’s your experience with black seed oil and your hair?

26 thoughts on “How Black Seed Oil for Hair Can Boost Scalp & Hair Health

  1. Diya says:

    I scalp and hair thinning since long. Can black seed oil too ?? There is constant scaling of the scalp. (Yellow coloured scales).
    I will be very grateful if I get your reply.

    • Christine says:

      I’m dealing with it to. I”m an African american female and due to age and i guess stress and hormonal changes my scalp has been going through, shampoos the doctor gave me dries my hair,
      i’ve been using the black seed oil for about two weeks and have notice a small improvement. I do mix it with equal parts of olive oil tho. Will keep you posted

    • nusrat malik says:

      Yes black seed oil is good. Just remember one thing be positive n use it. If it doesn’t gv u good result its not going to harm u as well . So plz gv try to ti. All the best

    • Karan says:

      You have scalp congestion. You need to exfoliate the scalp and open hair roots, then apply this oil. I also use a product for hair loss and give hair loss treatments in a salon. I recognize this issue. With a hair regimen and the right products your hair will come back. all the best,

      • Verona says:

        Hi Karan,
        How do you exfoliate the scalp?
        Also what products do you use and recommend to your clients?
        Has the Black seed oil worked for you or your clients?
        Kind Regards

  2. Ms Debbie Byrd says:

    I’m in Africa America and my hair is brutal dry breaking even have bald spots I want to be able to leave it all at how long can I do that

  3. Lois says:

    Can I mix Black Seed Oil, Peppermint Oil and Black Jamaica Castor Oil to put on my scalp and hair for hair growth? I’m Africa America and have thinning in my crown area.

  4. Hira Umer says:

    Hi my hair are really thin and extra dry
    Can I mix castor oil, coconut oil and almond oil in black seed oil?
    Will it be helpful for hair thickening and hair growth?

    • Patel says:

      Crush seeds every morning and take it wt honey. But put faith in God and acknowledged that there is no might or power except from God

  5. Djah Victoria says:

    Can black seed oil be used without mixing it with other oils​?
    Can it also be left on the hair for let say a week?

  6. Josephine collins says:

    Do you have to rinse the blackseed oil out within 45 mins or can you leave in for as long as a few days till you wash your hair?

    • judy starks says:

      pour some oil (1-2 tablespoons) into your palms and rub both hands against each other. Then massage your hair and the scalp, especially the bald areas. Repeat this daily and see the results

  7. Nurul says:

    My head & hair can’t accept oil. They’ll fall out much. What if i consume the oil for hair fall & hair growth?

    • Mubashshira says:

      Just apply pure black seed oil on your hair, and it’ll prevent hairfall and help to regrow hair. It does work, I’m using it.

  8. Tomeria Fortenberry says:

    I’m an African American woman and would like to know once the oil is applied, can I leave the oil in without rinsing it out until I shampoo my hair again in the next 3-5 days?

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