25 Mango Health Benefits and Recipes

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What is Mango?

Mango, Mangifera indica, is one of the most consumed fruit in the world. Its popularity might be due to its naturally sweet juice or its soft flesh that effortlessly disintegrates in your mouth with each bite.

I have heard some people swear that its sweet aroma emanating from its bright skin is therapeutic and triggers happy thoughts.

From the look of things, it seems like the mango is an all-around wonder fruit.

You’ll be surprised to learn that there is a wide variety of mangoes that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors; red, orange, red and green. However, the Alphonso type is the most popular.

Its leaves grow between 15 to 35 cm in length.

Initially, the young leaves of a mango tree have an orangish pink color.

Gradually, they transform to a glossy red color then turn green upon maturity.

Did you know that the majority of mango trees grow in the wild?

This means that monkeys, birds and other wild animals are reaping the goodness of this tasty fruit more than we are.


The mango tree is evergreen, grows up to 30 meters in height and features beautiful flowers that smell of lilies.

It is also important to note that this beautiful tree can live up to 300 years.

Mango trees are common in tropical areas but native to South Asia.

Over the years, it has been distributed worldwide hence the most cultivated fruit in the tropical countries.

In fact, mango is the national fruit in countries such as Pakistan, India, Philippines, and Bangladesh.

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Mango Nutrition Value

Back in the day, my definition of happiness was digging through a ripe, succulent mango and letting all its juicy goodness drip all over you.

Eating a mango was a process which required one to sit under the mango tree itself and enjoy this delicious fruit from the first bite to the last.

Today, people might prefer to do it, but one vital factor remains constant in its sweetness and goodness.

In my quest and research of this tropical fruit, I discovered that mango is considered “The King of Fruits.”

It’s easy to get carried away by their sweet smell and awakening taste, but it brings more to the table than you could ever imagine.

Mangoes pack a punch when it comes to health benefits.

A closer look at its benefits may even inspire you to eat more of this fruit.

Before exploring what mangoes can do for you, it is essential to understand to understand the nutrients in it.

(a) Vitamins

The most prominent vitamin in mangoes is Vitamin A. Additionally; it is rich in Vitamins C, E, K, riboflavin, thiamin, Vitamin B6, niacin, folate, choline and pantothenic.

(b) Minerals

One mango fruit contains several minerals which include; iron, calcium, potassium, zinc, sodium, phosphorous, selenium and copper.

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Mango Health Benefits

Other nutrients present in mango include; protein, carbohydrates, and fiber.

Collectively, these nutrients grant mangoes its richness and bounty as far as health is concerned.

Mango Helps Prevent Cancer

See the beautiful bright color in the flesh of a mango?

It does more than just luring you to bite into it.

In the year 2010, a study conducted in Texas supported the anti-carcinogenic effect of mangoes.

The mango pulp has been found to contain ascorbic acid, carotenoids, polyphenols, and terpenoids.

All of these play a role in keeping cancer away.

These bright and colorful fruits are also known to contain unique anti-oxidants which are amiss in other edible fruits and vegetables.

Mango also contains a compound known as mangiferin which is also known to play a role in preventing cancer.

This particular compound has been proven to suppress breast cancer according to a study conducted in 2015.

Mangiferin has also been proven to inhibit the growth of liver and colon cancer cells as well as other tumor cells.

A report published by Texas A&M University also showed that the polyphenolic properties that are present in mangoes could reduce oxidative stress which is capable of stringing in cancer.

These active compounds in mango are also inflammatory.

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Mango Helps Improve Heart Health

Did you know that this globally loved fruit could help keep your weight and blood sugar in check?

A report published by the Oklahoma State University found that the phytochemicals and minerals present in mangoes have a positive impact on body fat and glucose.

Mangoes are rich in beta-carotene which is a useful antioxidant that helps to fight free radicals responsible for heart disease.

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Mango Helps Reduce Cholesterol

Mangoes have also been discovered to contain pectin which is active in reducing serum cholesterol levels in the body.

In a study conducted by the University of Madras, the mangiferin in mangoes effectively lowered the cholesterol levels in lab rats.

In addition to this, it also spiked the High-Density Lipo-Protein (HDL) levels. This is good cholesterol that will keep your health in check.

Mango Helps With Diabetes

You must be wondering what the relationship between a mango and the treatment of diabetes is.

Well, according to a study conducted on 20 obese individuals showed that their blood sugar levels dropped after consuming 1/2 a fresh mango in 12 weeks.

According to the researchers behind this study, the fiber and mangiferin in mango were responsible for it.

It was also discovered in another study that the extract of a mango peel has anti-diabetic properties.

In Japan, a study also found the mangiferin in mangoes to have positive effects on type 2 diabetes patients.

Mango Helps Promote a Healthy Sex Life

Thought that only chocolate, wine and an excellent book of kama sutra could help spice things up in the bedroom?

Well, you’d better think again.

Mangoes have proven to be all rounded fruits that can satisfy your sweet tooth and also keep your sex life fresh and alive.

In this case, this excellent quality can be attributed to the Vitamin E in mangoes.

A study conducted in Australia found out that Vitamin E paired up with beta-carotene goes a long way in boosting the sperm health in men.

It is also useful in preventing the damage of sperms.

Another report by the US National Insititute of Health found out that the Vitamin E in mangoes protects the sperm membrane from damage caused by oxidation.

Mangoes are also rich in Zinc which has also been proven to be an essential mineral for the fertility of both men and women.

Collectively, it is agreed that consuming mangoes will see to it that your ability to procreate is increased and that your sex drive is alive.

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Mango Helps Improve Digestion

The essential quality of mangoes that makes it useful in improving digestion is that it is rich in fiber.

This, further guards against constipation.

Naturally, fiber is a filler. This means that eating a mango can help you feel and stay full.

This works for people who are on a diet or those who are on a menu or those who are working on getting their binge eating under control.

Fiber is also essential in colon health as it cleans it hence enabling it to perform at its best.

Mangoes were also discovered to contain specific digestive enzymes which come in handy in breaking down proteins hence aiding digestion. Additionally, fiber enhances the health of the gastrointestinal tract which further improves absorption.

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Mango Helps During Pregnancy

Besides boosting your sex life and strengthening a man’s ability to procreate, mangoes go the extra mile to promote pregnancy.

In this case, mangoes are rich in Vitamin A, C, and B6 which are essential for pregnant women.

The Vitamin A in mangoes fights infections and guards against vision problems in newborn babies.

Mango Helps with Weight Loss

I bet you didn’t know that mangoes could help you lose weight, did you?

Well, you are not alone as there are thousands of others who were just as surprised after they read reports and testimonies that relate to this.

In this case, this property is not restricted to the flesh of the mango but the skin as well.

The phytochemicals in this fruit are natural fat busters and are common on the peels of mangoes.

Both the flesh and peel of the mango fruit is rich in fiber.

This means that it is a natural filler which keeps you fuller for longer and also guards against binge eating.

This is a quality that goes a long way in keeping your calorie count in check as well as your food consumption.

If you keep up your fiber intake, chances of weight loss will be increased.

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Mango Helps Prevent Asthma

Asthma, just like any other chronic illness can pose serious health risks, especially if not kept under control through medication.

However, with a bountiful bowl of fresh mangoes to snack on now and then, chances of acquiring it are suppressed.

People who have current asthma can also benefit from the consumption of this fruit.

Mangoes are a reliable source of vitamin C.

Medical researchers and scientists have found a valid connection between asthma and Vitamin C.

However; deeper research is underway.

Mango Helps Improve Eye Health

You never know how important your eyesight is until you lose it.

If you don’t want to get to this desperate point, then you’d want to keep your mango intake up.

The beta-carotene and Vitamin A in mangoes play an essential role in keeping your eyesight healthy.

Vitamin A is so necessary for the body that a deficiency of it can cause blindness.

In fact, this is a proven fact according to a report published by the University of Oregon State.

This vitamin supports optimal functioning of the retina.

Mangoes are rich in zeaxanthin which is one of the two essential carotenoids found in the human eye.

This will naturally see to improved eyesight.

In addition to this, a study conducted in Boston found out that mangoes contain a carotenoid known as cryptoxanthin.

This is linked to the reduction of age-related muscular degeneration in old people.

This way, your eyesight will remain continually healthy even in old age.

This gives you all the more reason to keep snacking on this sweet tropical fruit frequently.

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Mango Helps Promote Brain Health

Want to keep your brain healthy and your memory reliable? Snack away on mangoes.

This fruit is rich in Vitamin B6 and Iron which makes it an ideal fruit for brain health.

In this case, Vitamin B6 facilitates the cognitive development while the Iron supports the normal functioning of the brain.

In Greater Noida, India, a study proved that mango extracts indeed contain specific qualities which enhance your memory.

An additional study in Thailand associated the neuroprotectant properties of mangoes to the extracts.

Mango Helps Stabilize Blood Pressure

If your blood pressure spikes now and then, you may need to replenish your pantry with more mangoes.

This is because mangoes are rich in potassium.

This mineral is medically proven to be effective in lowering blood pressure. Additionally, mangoes can help prevent hypertension.

Mango Helps Improve Skin Health

Did you know that people can tell a lot about you by a simple look at your skin?

They can tell whether you are healthy or not.

This gives you all the more reason to take care of it if you want it to provide a positive story.

A study conducted in Korea in the year 2013 on mice found out that mango extracts play an active role in fighting against UVB-induced skin aging.

The carotenoids and Vitamin A in mangoes come in handy in improving the health of your skin.

The beta-carotene in mangoes is a photoprotective agent that quenches the photochemical reactions in the epidermis of your skin.

As a result, your skin is protected against the ultra-violet rays of the sun.

The polyphenols in mangoes have been found to aid in cancer protection hence effective in keeping skin cancer away.

You will also be pleased to learn that the Vitamin A in mangoes goes a long way in keeping the oil production in your skin under control.

Therefore, if you have been suffering from acne, eating more mangoes will help alleviate the problem.

Vitamin A also aids in repair and growth of skin so expect faster healing from scars and disappearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Mango Helps Boost Immunity

An active immunity means a better chance of fighting off diseases and maintaining a healthy body.

Mangoes are rich in Vitamin C which is widely known for its immunity boosting properties.

Additionally, they are a rich source of Zinc which is another essential nutrient for the maintenance of overall health.

If you suffer from severe allergies, the Vitamin C in mangoes will reduce that and even fight off infections.

Studies show that the Vitamin C in mangoes also protect body cells from reactive oxygen species.

These are produced by your body’s immune system to kill pathogens.

Mango Helps with Kidney Stones

Among the many nutrients in mangoes, B6 is a vital one that will help guard against kidney stones and complications associated with it.

Vitamin B6 has been found to reduce oxalate stones.

Mango Helps Improve Bone Health

Your limbs might be functional and in fact, healthy for now but what will happen when age catches up with you?

If you didn’t invest in foods and activities that facilitate bone health, you are going to suffer the consequences.

The Vitamin A in mangoes goes a long way in boosting bone health and growth.

The longer you munch into these tropical fruits, the longer you’ll get to enjoy its benefits.

Vitamin C helps in the formation of collagen which participates in the development of connective tissues and bones.

This fruit also contains a specific compound that comes in handy in guarding against arthritis and inflammation.

This compound is known as lupeol.

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Mango Helps Treat Anaemia

Do you suffer from anemia or experience bouts of symptoms associated with it? Worry not, sipping on some mango juice might help treat this. Mangoes are rich in Vitamin C and facilitate proper absorption of Iron in the body.

Eventually, this will help treat anemia and treat symptoms associated with it.

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Mango Helps Fight Heat Stroke

A glass of cold mango juice might go a long way in keeping you fresh on a hot summer afternoon.

The best thing about this is that it can be done over catch up with your friends in the backyard or your favorite restaurant.

This beverage can be effectively used as a restorative tonic to fight heat stroke.

The succulent flesh is known to hydrate while a raw one is known to energize.

These reasons may explain why mangoes are a preferred choice of fruit, especially in hot seasons.

Mangoes are also a rich source of potassium which enables your body to maintain a healthy level of sodium.

This further regulates the level of fluids in your body hence preventing heat strokes.

Mango Helps With Health of your Hair

Are you tired of buying products without necessarily experience a change in the texture or condition of your hair?

It might be time to venture into natural methods.

The best thing about natural remedies is that chances of side effects are reduced.

In this case, chewing on a mango might make a noticeable change in the condition of your hair.

Mangoes are rich in Vitamin C which is responsible for the production of collagen.

The Vitamin A in mangoes will see to it that your hair has more shine to it as it has scalp conditioning qualities.

Additionally, this tropical fruit will treat dandruff and help nourish your hair which might be due to the beta-carotene content in this fruit.

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Mango Helps With Diarrhea

Do you have a running stomach?

Is it interfering with your health and life? Worry not, the treatment might be closer than you think.

Mango leaves are proven to be rich in tannins. When dried, these can be used for the treatment of diarrhea.

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Top 5 Mango Recipes

If you are looking for other exciting ways of enjoying the goodness of a mango besides digging into the fruit, then you are in luck.

Thanks to the creativity of food lovers all around the world, you can enjoy this tropical fruit in various fancy ways.

Mango Mousse

Nothing wraps up a perfect dinner better than a nutrition dessert to be shared among family members.

The best thing about a mango mousse is that it can be enjoyed eggless if you are allergic. Vegan or prefer to eliminate this ingredient.

The sweetness of the mangoes, creamy taste and the mind relaxing aroma of the cinnamon in the mouse will soothe your worries away.

Mango Purée

If you are looking for a fancy way to entice your guests, then you may need to think a little outside the box.

A mango purée is perfect when served with puri bread as a starter.

You can choose to add sugar and spices such as ginger, cinnamon or cardamom to enhance its flavor.

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Mango Icecream

Nothing soothes the soul better than homemade mango ice cream on a hot summer afternoon.

The best thing about this dessert is that you do not need to have an ice cream maker.

With a little creativity, you can make several scoops of it before dinner.

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Mango Salad

The sweet taste of mango goes a long way in keeping dishes tasty and at the same time exciting.

Toss a few pieces of mango in your corn salad and munch away.

Chilled Mango Cheesecake

The beauty of mango is that it knows no limitations.

With a bit of creativity, it can be incorporated into any dish without restriction.

A chilled mango cheesecake will bring family and friends closer to the dinner table and even inspire conversations.

Holding back from a second serving will be impossible with a mango cheesecake.

Mangoes are indeed the king of fruits in the world. There is so much that you can do with it and a lot to benefit from.

mango in tree

Its health benefits are encouraging enough to see you eat more of it often. The best thing about it is that all the parts of a mango tree can be utilized. The fruit, leaves, seed, and peel all have essential roles to play towards your overall health.

If you are looking for a useful tree to plant in your backyard, consider planting a mango tree. After all, it is a tree that keeps on giving.

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