14 Rose Oil Benefits for Face and Essential Oil Uses


What is Rose Oil?

Believe it or not, essential oils have been used longer than medicines.

People who want to enhance their mood use essential oils as stimulants.

These oils are also used by those who prefer natural remedies for health-related problems.

One of these oils is the rose oil

Roses are not only lovely, pretty smelling flowers, but offer incredible health benefits.

It is the most beautiful flower on earth and is found everywhere in the world today.

It is considered rare and comes in a variety of colors, fragrances, sizes, and shapes.

A lot of research has gone into essential oils, and from these studies, we know that rose essential oils can improve acne, stress, anxiety, reduce rosacea and naturally increase libido.

It is also known to balance hormones and improve depression.

All rose oils are luxurious no matter the source.

Today, you will find many by-products of roses in soaps, creams, and lotions.

rose water benefits

Rose Oil Essential Oil

The rose flower is regarded as the most beautiful in the world, ask about the rose, and you’ll be delighted by lots of stories, legends, and myths about roses. In most of the stories, you will hear a lot about its beauty but not much about the medicinal properties of this fantastic flower.

The red rose can invoke romance in the coldest of hearts, and the oil can bring immense healing to people suffering from several diseases. So how is the oil made?

The rose oil essential is made by a distillation process which extracts it from the rose petal.

This flower was abundant in ancient Persia that is why historians credit the Persians for discovering the rose oil.

As far back as the 10th century, Arab physician Avicenna was known to be the first to distill rose oil from Rosa damascena.

The historical distillation with a refrigerated coil was successful, and the extract of rose oil was used for medical purposes.

This is possibly the first essential oil gotten from a rose.

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Rose Oil of Bulgaria

Today, there are a variety of rose products, but the two main products, are rose otto and rose absolute.

Rose Otto is popularly distilled in Bulgarian and is sometimes called Bulgarian rose oil because it has been concentrated in the region for over 300 years.

Bulgaria was known as the valley of the roses because of its climatic and soil conditions that make it a favorable location for planting roses compared to other regions of the world.

Pure Rose Oil is made up of many compounds:


Citral is found in lemon myrtle and lemongrass; this component has a robust antimicrobial property that is important for vitamin A synthesis.


Carvone is found in caraway and dill; carvone is useful as a digestive aid.


Farnesol is found in jasmine and ylang-ylang, farnesol is a natural pesticide.

rose oil

Methyl eugenol

This is the component that makes rose water an excellent antiseptic. It is also found in cinnamon and lemon balm and has incredible anesthetic properties.


This component is what gives the rose a sweet, smelling aroma.

It has antibiotic property and can also be found in lemongrass


Also found in citronella, this component is effective against mosquitoes and is usually used as a repellent.

Citronellyl acetate

You know that sweet smell that comes out of a rose? Well, citronellyl acetate is responsible.

This is the reason the rose is used in many beauty products and fragrances.


This is an abundant antioxidant and is the powerhouse behind the clove.


Another sweet smelling component with an aromatic scent and also found in chocolates.

Phenyl geraniol

This is geraniol in its natural form. It is commonly used in fruit flavorings and perfumes.

Products Derived From The Rose

Roses are very versatile and can be used for many purposes.

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Rose Oil for Face

Rose oil can relax your body reducing stress and anxiety when used for aromatherapy.

The good thing is that the antibacterial properties of a rose can be used for general wellbeing and as an aromatic fragrance.

This double act is why many people treasure the rose.

For a long time, roses were favorite as an ingredient in fragrances, but in recent times it is beginning to catch up with an excellent skin care ingredient.

The rose will not hurt or harm your body or skin.

rose oil uses

Rose OIl Products

Rose Water

Rose water is made by soaking the roses in water.

It has a natural antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral property and is used by many people for different purposes all over the world.

Rose water refreshes and moisturizes skin with rash and soothes allergies.

The oil acts as an anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and inhibits the development of pathogenic microorganisms.

It is also used to stimulate the regeneration of damaged and aging tissues, improve circulation and maintain the water balance of the skin.

It also acts as a tonic for the circulatory, digestive and nervous system.

Some people use it as an additive to teas and other sweet drink for refreshment, flavor and purifying the air.

Regular use of rose water for face wash improves skin tone and destroys acne and regulates the production of sebum.

That makes the rose water, really suitable for oily and extremely dry and sensitive skin.

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Rose Oil has these benefits:


Rose Oil on Face

  • Eliminate puffiness of the face and body
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Moisturizes and softens
  • Antiseptic properties

Rose water is a mild natural antiseptic tonic.

My love for rose water is deep and unrivaled by any other natural skin treatment.

I use it in my bath water, as a shampoo treatment for my hair and as a toner for my face.

It is truly a versatile product.

When my skin feels dry, and I want to replenish it, I simply add a pinch of witch hazel, and it will double up as a face cleanser.

rose oil in hair

Rose Oil Otto

It takes about 24 roses to make a drop of rose otto oil. The oil is made with a steam distillation process.

The purity of the oil is the reason why rose otto is the most expensive by-product of the rose.

Rose petals are soaked in a bowl with pure water and slowly heated. The warm liquid enables the flowers to release their essential oils. The oil and steam pass through a cooling process and allowing the oil to float to the surface.

The essential oil collected is called ‘Rose Otto.’

It usually has a bright or pale yellow color and a subtle, sweet aroma which makes it perfect for beauty products.

The leftover water is known as Rose Hydrosol.

This is the reason why you should only use it for special occasions. Add a drop of rose otto oil into your bath water to experience a luxurious bath. The fragrance is spicy with a gentle scent of roses.

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Rose Absolute

Rose absolute is an extract of the rose that is done by solvent extraction.

It is a thick concentrate of the roses aromatic compounds and some solvent.

Usually used as an addition to fragrances and perfumes, you can add it to your beauty products for a great scent.

Solvent extraction is done in two stages:

Stage 1

An organic solvent is placed with the rose petals in a drum and rotated.

This process extracts the aroma from the petals.

When the solution has evaporated, the leftover substance is a thick wax called a concrete

Stage 2

Next, the wax and other components are filtered out of the concrete using ethanol.

This process leaves behind the sweet-smelling liquid called ‘Rose Absolute.’

Solvent extraction produces a higher yield than distillation which is the reason rose absolute cost less than rose otto.

You can identify rose absolute from its dark orange to red color.

It has a robust and pungent rose fragrance.

It is favored by perfume makers and because it is believed to be more rose-like in smell than rose otto.

rose oil healing

Dried Rose Petals

You can dry the rose petals and use it in a powdery form.

Grind it and use on your skin or as an addition to your potpourri.

The fragrance is sweet and will make your home smell high for a long time.

Fresh Rose Petals

Everything excellent about the rose is in its petals.

All the ingredients with powerful compounds are in the petals, so if you get a bunch of roses, don’t discard it in the bin when it looks like it’s wilting.

When fresh, the petals can be used as decoration or to make your rose water.

If you know how to extract the oil you can also do that from the petals.

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Rose Benefits You Probably Didn’t Know About!

Not very many people are aware of all the benefits of rose oil and rose water.

Many are just under the impression that they are used to moisturize skin or to act as a fragrance.

However, there is a lot more to this oil than just those purposes:

Rose Oil for Antidepressant

Pure rose essential oil naturally act as antidepressants.

Although it is unknown why this is, if you use rose oil when you are depressed, you will become more relaxed, and your anxiety will subside as your smell the rose oil.

Rose Oil Can Boost Mental Strength 

It does all these and efficiently fights depression at the same time.

It is usually taken by people with depression and people that need a boost in confidence and self-esteem in their lives.

Roses conjure up feelings of hope and joy that is why they are useful as an antidepressant.

rose oil

Rose Oil Reduces Inflammation

People with high fever can benefit significantly from rose essential oils because it quells inflammation.

Rose oil is also beneficial in many other cases of inflammation that are a result of microbial infections, indigestion, and dehydration.

It is also useful in treating inflammation from arthritis, gout fever and rheumatism.

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Rose Oil Treat Wounds

Treat your wounds luxuriously with rose oil.

Use it as an antiseptic because it is packed with useful components it can be applied topically to wounds and will protect it from any septic infection.

It can serve as an antiseptic since it can treat wounds and prevent them from getting an infection that is life-threatening.

Rose Oil Antispasmodic

Use it to relieve spasms and respiratory or intestinal conditions. Seizures can be reduced by rubbing organic rose essential oil into the skin.

It can be applied to areas surrounding the respiratory system, close to the intestines and on muscles.

If you have a muscular spasm in any of your limbs, rose oil is a perfect choice because it will help in muscle pull, convulsions or any other spasm.

Rose Oil Antivirus

Viruses are constantly mutating so even when you think you are covered because of a vaccination; some new strain can appear.

Rose water has antiviral properties and acts as a shield against many types of viruses or infection.

Rose Oil Aphrodisiac

Pure rose essential oil is just like vanilla essential oil which can act as a natural aphrodisiac.

Ancient people knew the value of roses. In those days, it was indispensable in matters of romance.

The smell of a flower can arouse and boost a man’s libido while creating romantic feelings.

It has been known to help reduce many types of sexual dysfunction like erectile dysfunction or frigidity.

rose for face

Rose Oil Astringent

Because of its astringent properties, it can be used to strengthen gums and hair and at the same time tone and lift the skin.

It is used to protect against the loss of teeth or hair, age spots and wrinkles, weakness in abdominal muscles or organs.

All these symptoms are associated with aging, and that’s what rose oil is primarily known to help.

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Rose Oil for Bacteria

It has antibacterial properties and is excellent for treating typhoid, cholera, food poisoning, diarrhea and many other diseases caused by bacteria.

When taken orally, it can cure stomach intestinal infections and urinary tract infection.

Rose OIl for Face

Rose oil has impressive skincare components as well which is why it is loved and used by many beauty practitioners.

You will find rose oil in many beauty products because it helps fade scars caused by boils, acne and pox fast!

Some people use it for stretch marks and other pregnancy-related scars.

This is possible because of the antioxidant properties that make it a top choice for healing.

rose water

Rose Oil Purifies Blood

Rose oil can help to neutralize toxins from your system. Once purified, the blood in your body becomes free of toxins and you’ll be protected from conditions like rashes, skin diseases and boils.

With no free radicals, cancer and heart diseases will be suppressed.

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Rose Oil Eases Menstruation

Rose oil triggers menstrual flow by stimulating the hormone secretions that will kickstart your menstruation.

It is a perfect choice for people with irregular menstrual issues.

Also, if you have heavy bleeding, cramps, nausea or fatigue during your period, rose oil can help ease any menstrual discomfort you may be experiencing.

Rose OIl Stops Excessive Bleeding

It is great for people suffering from external or internal bleeding because it can stop blood flow after an injury or surgery.

This healing clotting and coagulation effect means that rose oil will also help stop the flow of blood from wounds and cuts by contracting the blood vessels.

Rose Oil Maintains Liver Health

It is also great for the health of your liver by keeping it healthy and functioning properly.

Rose Oil Prevent Toxicity

Rose oil acts as a laxative, and the plus side is that it has an aromatic scent.

It is harmless and can be used as a laxative with no side effects.

It influences intestinal on anal muscles helping to clear your bowels. Some people use rose water and oil as weight loss tools during detox cycles.

Rose Oil Relieves Anxiety

It is an excellent tonic for the nerves and gives your body the ability to withstand disorders as a result of an injury.

It will keep you stable and help you overcome any feelings of anxiety.

Rose Oil Reduce Stomach Disorders

It is also known as a stomachic.

This is because it soothes the stomach and calms inflammation.

By doing this, your stomach will function properly and will be protected from infections.

Without these acids, you will not be prone to conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, Indigestion or heartburn.

It will help bile flow from your gallbladder and will regulate the acid level in your stomach.

This will keep you safe from issues like acidity.

Rose oil is excellent for digestive problems because it reduces the possibility of constipation.

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Rose Oil Treats Uterine Problems

It will also take care of any feminine problems like uterine discharge, bleeding or tumors.

Rose oil will cleanse the uterus and keep it functioning correctly this can delay menopause and keep you youthful for longer.

Rose Oil Hormonal Balance

It regulates hormonal production and balances your hormones.

If you’re looking for shiny fresh and youthful skin, rose oil is the best choice because it will keep you looking young.

Rose Oil Reduces Fever

For a long time, fevers have been managed and reduced by using essential oils.

The inflammation from the fever is calmed by rose oil and any inflammation from dehydration.


Rose Oil Viral Infections

Pure rose essential oils are also effective against viral infections, in addition to preventing infection.

While some modern medicines may be stronger, rose oil can defend your immune system and protect against the flu and colds.

Remember, even though it can be used in many conditions it should only be used in small concentrations.

If you use a high concentration you could do the opposite of what you intend.

Because it is an emmenagogue, it should not be used during pregnancy.

There is no research to show that it is safe for the fetus so to avoid causing a miscarriage you must be careful when using rose oil while pregnant.

My advice is not to use it at all with pregnancy.

There are many claims made about pure rose otto having amazing results on different types of health conditions both physical and emotional.

I have not experienced all the benefits, but can conclusively say that it is an excellent addition to the cabinet.

Whenever I use rose oil, the fragrant particles are released into the air and instantly permeates the room.

Here are the different ways that I use rose oil and rose water:

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Rose Oil for Hair

Just a drop of rose oil and a teaspoon of coconut oil (use any oil that is ideal for your needs) and I use it as an oil for my hair.


A few drops of rose oil in my bath water makes for a luxurious experience.

I stir the water and close the door to keep the scent contained in the bathroom.

rose high

Body oil:

Mix a drop of rose oil into ten parts of body oil (I use almond oil) and you will have a high smelling body oil.


You can pour a drop of rose oil on the inside cuff of your clothes as perfume.

Room spray:

Put some rose oil into a water bottle and spray around the house. It will keep your home smelling fresh and scented for long.


Mix a few drops of rose oil with some carrier oils and use as a massage oil.


Rub some rose oil on your forehead, throat, and chest before yoga or meditation.

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