What is Kalonji Oil? The Benefits, Uses & Cures Explained

kalonji benefits

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The history of Kalonji oil (extracted from Nigella Sativa) goes beyond 4,500 years ago before there was any scriptures or text mentioning it. Its origin is said to be from the Mediterranean region of the world, however, it has since made its way well around Asia, Europe, and Africa.

It is said to be tested to treat any and all sicknesses in many studies, which makes sense that it would be studied when you find out that Kalonji has shown to strengthen most immune system deficiencies.

The scientific name for it is ‘Nigella Sativa’, more commonly known as ‘Kalonji’, ‘Black Cumin’, and ‘Black Seeds’, and it wasn’t until the late 1900’s that researchers really began to explore the miraculous benefits of this wonder seed.

kalonji oil

When comparing to all other herbs and oils, there is no debate that kalonji oil is the most potent oil when it comes to protecting and replenishing your hair, skin & body . They play a huge role in the replenishing process and rebuilding process.

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This is due to the fact that it strengthens the hair follicles which results in stronger roots and targets your immune system for better overall health.

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Kalonji Oil History

From East Asia through West Africa, Ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Arabs are only some of the known in history to record the miraculous potency of kalonji.

The kings and queens of history have always kept this nature’s gem close by, using it to improve their health and appearance.

It’s also one of the most effective ways to rebalance your digestive system and overall function.

Kalonji promotes good liver health, aids in cancer prevention, aids in diabetes, helps with weight loss, and much much more.

It really is a shame that many are oblivious to the miraculous benefits that this seed has to offer. Its consumption can be either in regular seed form or in oil, which is more potent.

Of the people that know about the healing effects of the kalonji, most of them stemmed from religious scripture. Both Islamic and Christian scripture contains the mention of Kalonji and its healing effects.

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This is on top of the modern scientific studies that have been studied time and time again.

However, there is much more literature and history in Islamic texts and scriptures regarding many of the practical benefits and uses of kalonji.

Of all the mentions in history about it, the most popular would be from Muslim prophet Muhammed (SAW), who said that “it’s a cure for everything except death.”

There have been mentions of it in Judeo-Christian literature as well.

Among the most common uses of kalonji oil are for allergies and the common cold. Not only does it act as an anti-inflammatory agent, it’s antihistamine properties are great for reducing the symptoms of a cold, and it’s antibacterial properties target the bronchial muscles, thereby relaxing coughs and asthmatic symptoms.

Although no cure has been claimed in clinical studies.

kalonji oil

Kalonji oil also has anti-fungal properties found in its Thymoquinone, which helps cure various common skin conditions, including rashes, boils, and carbuncles.

On top of that, it’s also great for reducing fevers.

Kalonji oil also has anti-fungal properties found in its Thymoquinone, which helps cure various common skin infections Click To Tweet

It achieves this by inducing perspiration which cools the body down and stimulates the release of harmful toxins.

What we can conclude from this is that this really is a marvelous seed which has a variety of different purposes.

There are numerous health benefits of black cumin seed oil, and the reason for this is because the powerful antioxidants it contains target your body’s immune system, thereby improving your overall health, mood, and function.

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kalonji oil

It also has many immediate benefits as well; from skin and hair health to common arthritis and common pain relief.

It’s no wonder why some of the most prominent figures of history kept this powerful remedy close by wherever they went. After exploring the everyday uses and benefits of kalonji oil, it’s not hard to see why.

The kalonji seed has been used to aid in asthma, bronchitis, fevers, aches, and pain, skin diseases, wound treatments, and much more.

To this day, researchers are finding more practical uses and benefits of kalonji and aren’t showing any signs of slowing down soon.

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